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Lifestyle Blogs!

MisterWoodhouse MisterWoodhouse 3 hours ago

This Month at Fandom - April 2021

Hey gang!

It is said that April Showers bring May Flowers and while that may be true, we are certain that April Showers bring This Month at Fandom - April Edition, so let us observe our monthly ritual…

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MisterWoodhouse MisterWoodhouse 4 days ago

A deeper look at Navigation on FandomDesktop

Hey gang!

As promised in the introduction to FandomDesktop back in March, we’re continuing our More Is More approach to previewing the changes coming to Fandom and Gamepedia for desktop users later th…

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Dec Fanatical Dec Fanatical 18 days ago

Meet the Fanatical Team

Hello there!

Will asked us to stop by and introduce ourselves, as you may be seeing us around the Fandom creator community now that Fanatical is part of Fandom. If you're hearing about Fanatical for t…

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