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Find out from these wikis how money affects our world.

Wikia Finance

Finance Wikia needs your help

Become part of a community of people who care about how money affects our world!

The Finance Wikia is the place to share your news and opinions on the financial world. Help us to provide an ever-growing resource for professionals and students of all types, and help consumers to navigate the thorny thickets of money issues large and small.

Many of our financial wikis are new and in need of solid contributors to build
a strong, helpful community and keep our financial information up to date. Please join in!
Accounting Wiki
Accounting: Information about all aspects of accounting practices and tools.
Economy Wiki
Economy: Exploring the use of wikis in planning political and economic objectives.
Entrepreneur Wiki
Entrepreneur: Covers entrepreneurship, venture capital, and private equity topics.
Ethical Wiki
Ethical Investment: Resource-sharing hub for students working on ethical investment in their universities.
Fundraising Wiki
Fundraising : Sharing information about raising funds, particularly for charities.
Banking Wiki
Banking: Global knowledge and discussion on the Banking industry worldwide.
Insurance Wiki
Insurance: Professional-level resources and discussion about insurance industry.
Invest Wiki
Investment Wiki: Reference material and updated worldwide market data.
Money Wiki
Money Wiki: All the information you need to help you make better financial decisions.
Consumer Wiki
Shopping: Consumer guide to help personal and small business shoppers spend wisely.
Trader Wiki
Trader Wiki: Collects information on technical indicators, market trends and trading theories.

Specialty topics

Finance around the world


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