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Pokemon/Total Drama
Pikachu as Owen
Buneary as Izzy
Piplup as Cody
Turtwig as Noah
Buizel as Trent
Squirtle as Justin
Glameow as Heather
Jigglypuff as Gwen
Marill as Leshawna
Emolga as Lindsay
Bellosom as Beth
Gligar as Tyler
Azurill as Harold
Togekiss as Bridgette
Bisharp as Geoff
Krokorok as Dj
Sparky as Duncan
Aipom as Courtney
Eevee as Eva
Ekans and Koofing as Katie and Sadie
Meowth as Ezekiel
Cresselia as Sierra
Mewtwo as Alejandro

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