What happened with what once was a helpful page? Most of the 'help' in form of info and sample tables is gone. Imho this once was one of the best Fandom help pages has been reduced to hardly no help at all. A whole 4 sample tables ?? and this quote "This one page won't go into them all, but it will show you how wikitext matches up to HTML markup" believe is being taken way too literally. It goes into what, a whole 5 out of I have no clue how many there are. No samples to even show what 'header' actually does compared to no header. No info about spacing, rows / columns, borders, alignment, color / shading, etc. Heck even the basic Help:Tables page shows more for Visual editing, but if one is unable to edit in visual, guess they are just out of luck cause this page does not even list half of that info. Only two CSS class in form of Article-table and Wikitable. Thank fully one can go into history and still see some actual help and plenty of examples. I understand the page is much less cluttered, streamlined and shorter ... but it was not that badly cluttered before and comes at the expense of actually providing any useful help. Sad. Kevin "Hawk" Fisher 11:16, January 16, 2018 (UTC)

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