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This is a bad/not mobile friendly editor[]

For supposedly "mobile friendly" infoboxes, the editor for them is one of the least mobile friendly things on all of FANDOM/Wikia that I have encountered. At first, I thought the source mode infobox editor was bad enough, but then it forced me to the visual editor which is even worse. Here are the reasons why this editor is bad:

  • In the original source mode version (the less bad one), you can't select/copy paste sections, which would make editing it faster. Also sometimes it adds stuff that I don't even want added (like a bunch of extra </label> parts when I just want to delete a part). As a positive, at least it works better than it did in 2018 when it didn't let me remove any text at all, and unlike back then, it is actually usable now (or would be if the source mode button worked). The rest of the points will be about the visual editor and why it is even worse.
  • In the visual editor, all the new sections will be stuck to the end. It says you can drag them to reorder but the dragging doesn't even work.
  • You can't even undo edits, which means any potential damage that may have been caused by editing with the visual editor (or otherwise) is permanent. Even editing an old revision of the infobox leads to the current version instead.
  • When writing new sections, it only lets you change what it is displayed as, not what you have to type in source mode for it to show up.
  • You can't write/edit the stuff that actually shows up on the template page, only the infobox.
  • The source mode symbol at the bottom of the page doesn't do anything. This page claims it's a way to switch to the source editor but like I said, it doesn't. There should be a classic editor button like on normal pages that I could use to edit the source. Even if I switch to the desktop site version, it still doesn't work.

I just want to edit the infobox on my wiki. It let me edit with the source version a few times, which was already frustrating (because of that one time it added a bunch of extra label things that wouldn't go even if I tried to remove them and as a result forced me to cancel the edit). But after I insulted the source editor, it switched to the way worse visual editor and won't let me change back. The editor seemed to be working just fine back in 2015 when I originally created the infobox although back then I wasn't on mobile so that's probably why it worked better. But the fact that this is the case just means that you completely missed the point that you made about this being the mobile friendly infobox! PetStarPlanet (talk) 15:12, December 6, 2019 (UTC)