Adding recent forum activityEdit

The page says use:

The five most recent Forum posts can be showcased on a wikia's main page, or any other page, by using the <wikiaforum /> tag to display the Forum Activity module.

Tried that; didn't work. Had to use:


Bruce ( 09:48, June 21, 2015 (UTC)

input output
<wikiaforum />

Forum Activity

As of 2017 <wikiaforum /> works. –Dunnoob 💩 18:52, November 24, 2017 (UTC)

I want the these type of forumsEdit

I want the board style forums. When i go to Special:Forum, it takes me to another page called discussions. Is there a way to enable these types of forums? Mario Fan Forever (talk) 09:14, January 5, 2017 (UTC)

No. Wikia is disabling the threaded Forum over the whole network and replacing it with Discussions. Read the Discussions FAQ -- Cube-shaped garbage can 09:15, January 5, 2017 (UTC)

Obsolete topics Edit

Is there a way to get rid of obsolete Forum Topics? Either generally (convert all topics to ordinary categories) or individually (remove topics from closed or ancient threads, and if there are no more threads for a given topic delete it). –Dunnoob 💩 19:04, November 24, 2017 (UTC)

Hi Dunnoob, as Forum is slowly being replaced by Discussions, adjusting the Forum Topics has not been a priority for Community Central. Some changes are also bad for SEO - we didn't change the redirect for CSS to Topic:CSS because it makes more sense for a user (and for search engines) to redirect users to a help page rather than a Forum listing when users need CSS help. noreplyz talk 23:03, November 24, 2017 (UTC)
I'm no fan of the old Forum Topics (categories should be simpler), but it kind of upsets me if I can't add Topic:CSS to a thread about CSS. The Topic:CSS page can start with a link to Help:Theme Designer, if that helps for CSS searches. How about __NOINDEX__ for external searches? –Dunnoob 💩 00:22, November 25, 2017 (UTC)
You're not making sense to me. Threads can be made under the CSS topic already. Topic:CSS has a link to Help:Theme Designer already. noreplyz talk 07:06, November 25, 2017 (UTC)
The "edit topics" feature on forum threads does not work for Topic:CSS and others, and IIRC I tried also usekin=oasis. –Dunnoob 💩 09:01, November 25, 2017 (UTC)
I was able to add the topic when I tried a few hours ago, using 'Edit Topic'. noreplyz talk 12:16, November 25, 2017 (UTC)
Tested on the same thread: I click on "edit topics" (oasis or monobook, same procedure), type "Topic:CSS", some magic suggests "Help:Theme designer", I ignore it clicking elsewhere, the suggestion goes away with "Topic:CSS" still in the input field, I click "Save", nothing visible happens.
However, there are now six "topic changes", your two changes had an effect, my four diffs look like this for the 4th attempt, and from there "older" goes to three other "topic change diffs" without any effect. IOW, if I do not pick one of the suggested texts, but insist on what I typed (Topic:CSS in this case), nothing happens. –Dunnoob 💩 19:16, November 25, 2017 (UTC)
Type in 'CSS' instead, and pick 'CSS'. The 'Topic' prefix is not required. noreplyz talk 01:12, November 26, 2017 (UTC)

Old Forum? Edit

I’m a B-Crat on a wiki with the old Forum (Forum:), can I ask staff to change it to the newer version, or is it Discussions only? (Special:Forum) ~ (☞゚∀゚)☞ 22:30, February 23, 2018 (UTC)

New Forums are being phased out, so no Wikis that don’t already have the New Forums enabled can get them. You can use Special:Contact to ask that FANDOM enable Discussions however.
UrsuulWallWMDate11:28 PM Friday, February 23, 2018 (UTC)

Help With Icons Edit

So I have a StageTable. You click names to go to that link but is it possible to change the names into icons? (You click on an icon and it takes you to that page. 'Example: Clicking Falcons head takes you to Falcon.) 

I ask because I am unsure if any coding functions are diffently now with the modern changes.

Thank you, Signed :  DarkraiShadowXZ (talk) 18:07, July 24, 2020 (UTC)

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