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Awesome, you have arrived here already!! To help you keep reaching for the stars, you will find advice for contributors, administrators, and even some technical matters on this page.

For contributors, you will have a chance to getting to know the custom MediaWiki markup, how to make articles even better, and some important advice around working with others on wikis and how to avoid the pitfalls a lot of people stumbled over.

For administrators who are looking to take their wiki to the next level, you will find advice on growing your community and all the things that come with it, like how to work with new users, or what to do when your wiki isn't viewed as often as you want it to be yet. Will a more custom styling help you achieve that? The answer might surprise you!

For people interested in the more technical aspects on a wiki, you can find some of the essential basics of advanced features you can use to enhance your wiki. Automatically generate dynamic lists, code custom functions, run bots on Fandom or go as far as contributing enhancements for all community members to use on our Developers wiki.

This time, in the contributor module, you will learn how to use source mode when contributing to articles and what kind of flexibility this can allow you to use - like, have you ever wished it was faster to make a link? You'll be able to with source mode! You'll also be learning interesting facts as we debunk some myths around article length and information density, because the question isn't whether it has enough information - it is (almost spoiled it, check out the guide!). With wikis being a collaborative project, you can also read up on how to best work with others and keep in mind that we all want to be thankful with each other, as no contribution can be taken for granted!

This time, in the administrators module, we're diving deep and ask the off limits questions admins might ask themselves. What happens, if your wiki gains users, but you don't get along with them? Is blocking the right answer? No - that's something that is reserved for ill intended vandals and spammers. Or like, why is your wiki not gaining more views despite working on it? It's the same story - myths need to be debunked, because many administrators look at the wrong parts of their wiki when asking themselves that question. Design often isn't the answer to that - but it helps build a unique community identity, and you'll learn how you can do that as well.

This module is truly for those taking an interest in technical processes. Fear not, if it's not for you, you can skip it. For that reason the module assumes you already have some idea about the respective scripting languages, or the other technical knowledge, so here you can learn more about how to make use of those skills on Fandom specifically.