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Wiki Specialists are the part-time team members responsible for ensuring that the latest and best content is up on our communities as soon as information is available. They are the main task force that will be creating pages, adding content to pages, and ensuring the best content available is up on wikis across both Fandom and Gamepedia.

Each team of Wiki Specialists is managed by a Wiki Team Lead, a full-time Fandom staff member. They are part of the Community Activations team.



Trino Tots
Tots started his career working for game communities as a Game Master for MMORPGs. After working 10 years in game development he joined Fandom to help serve the Fandom/Gamepedia communities. He loves podcasting, table top games, and any MMO he can sink a few hundred hours in!

AAA Gaming[]


Ferthi Ferthi
I discovered a fascination for wiki's in 2016 and have been steamrolling ever since, expanding my wiki wizardry with every new place I joined. I've worked on tons of different wikis, from Moonlighter on Gamepedia to Anthem on Fandom. Any game that I play I eventually find myself on their wiki... Might need to play less games ;)

Noid Nic
I've probably played Yo! Noid more than you have. When I'm not playing that, I'm probably working on the Pro Wrestling Wiki.

Flanqer avatar Flanqer
I started editing wikis in mid-2014. I became a Wiki Manager in 2019, and transferred to the Fandom Content Team in 2021. I'm experienced with templates, wikitext, infoboxes, CSS, Lua modules, and Auto Wiki Browser (AWB). In my spare time I play videogames and read science fiction & fantasy.

Democratus SBEyes
SBEyes started in wiki editing was on GuildWiki as Nwash. He eventually moved from editing there to STOWiki, where he was known as Eyes and was invited to become an administrator after a few months. He accepted and was over time noticed by the Curse wiki team, partly (perhaps largely) due to my work in redesigning the skin to one based on Vector. That led to him becoming a wiki manager for Curse, and then Gamepedia, and now Fandom as a whole.

Desboy96 Avatar Des
User:Young Mako
I'm Des aka Young Mako, Official Step-Father of the Anime Team. Anime Content Team Member and Admin on several Shonen Wiki's but I'm mainly known for my work on My Hero Academia Wiki. I strive to raise the editing standards across Fandom and to be the very best editor there is.

I'm a total anime enthusiast and I have been my entire life. My childhood was spent watching the classics like DBZ, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Cowboy Bebop.

As anime has become more popular I've familiarized myself with tons of anime across the board, some of my favorites are Code Geass, Durarara, Parasyte, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood and many more. I started editing in my teens and have been a regular editor at fandom for over ten years now. I tend to focus on Battle Shonen Wikis.

I'm thankful to Fandom for giving me the opportunity to work by doing what I love. Feel free to contact me with anything regarding an anime-related wiki, I'm, always happy to help.

Ferretwings Brenda
My kids introduced me to Terraria, and I fell in love with the game. Became an admin at Gamepedia's Terraria Wiki in 2016. I'm comfortable with templates, css, and dpl.

Love everything Marvel; if there's a Marvel movie or TV show, I'm probably watching it (well, not the cartoons). I've been binging on anime lately. Black Clover is my favorite (and the music is amazing), but there is a lot of good anime out there.

Mechemik Mechemik
I've been editing wikis since around 2016 and generally spend way too much time playing games, typically the Witcher series, Fallout, Elder Scrolls, Assassin's Creed, etc. though I love the cyberpunk genre and will play games that fall within that scope when I can. You can currently find me helping with the styling for the Cyberpunk wiki... or playing yet another playthrough in The Witcher 3.

Jesto-Fnatic Domenic
Jesto is a huge League of Legends fan and particularly enjoys watching League esports. He started editing back in 2018 on Gamepedia's Esports Wikis, where he is an active admin. In 2020 he also joined the SOAP team to fight spam and vandalism across Fandom.

Indie Gaming[]


GroundedAura-WikiSpecialist GroundedAura
I'm an Animator and Indie Game Designer who wants to help keep various games that I like/love documented with up to date information and make them look pleasing. Hopefully in the future when I finish my games, I can have a wiki for them as well.

UPI Tagaziel Tagaziel
Tagaziel made his first wiki edit in 2006 and was hooked ever since. What started as a hobby focusing on the Fallout Wiki blossomed into something far bigger, especially since he joined Curse's Gamepedia team all the way back in 2014, specializing in describing things with far too many words in too much detail. If you want him to talk your ear off, ask about lore (or its real world equivalent, history).

Therealmortaine-WikiSpecialist Therealmortaine
Princess of the Empire of Eld, Second in command. Got my start as the Archivist/Librarian. I lead the Librarians, Architects, Ambassadors, and Explorers. As a hobby, I also issue letters of marques to the Eld Privateers.



CavStaffImage Mike
User:Cavalier One
Mike joined the Fandom team in 2016. He is an active contributor and administrator of Wookieepedia, and has been editing wikis since 2007. His main passion is (obviously) Star Wars, but he loves pop culture in all forms including films, television shows, books, and comics. Also, he has no problem talking about himself in the third person.

When not editing wikis, he can be found reading, playing computer games, or adding to his already extensive collection of LEGO sets. Tea plays a significant role in his life, and the day is not complete without at least several cups.


Asnow89 Avatar Ari
Hi all! Ari here. I've been a part of the Fandom team since 2013. I am the ultimate fangirl! I love binge-watching TV, reading YA novels, and eating/cooking everything.

I used to be a part of the Lifestyles team at Fandom, focusing on food and fashion—but now you'll find me around the Entertainment wikis, editing the TV and movie communities. Some of my favorite wikis include Gilmore Girls, Friends, Handmaid's Tale, and Throne of Glass!

Killer kevAvatar Kevin
User:Killer kev
The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits. — What's crackin! I'm Kevin, and I'm a self-diagnosed borderline genius. I've been a Wiki editor since 2012, and when I'm not a contractor for Fandom, I'm one in real life. A complex man, living a complex life.

Nerdfightergirl Alida
Hi, I’m Alida! I’m mostly known around here for watching a lot of TV and typing super fast. I’ve been editing on Fandom since 2012. I’m mostly found over at Grey’s Anatomy Universe Wiki, but I can also be found at many other wikis. Outside of Fandom, I’m a teacher and I’m in school (Who needs sleep?).

Fandom - ProfessorTofty Photo George
Hi! I'm ProfessorTofty, also known as George. I've been involved with Fandom, or Wikia, under this username since 2012, though my activities around here go back to at least 2007 under another username.

When not at work, you can find me editing most often on Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki, and I also enjoy spending time on the Final Fantasy and Harry Potter and Star Trek wikis. Some of my other fandoms include Kingdom Hearts and The Legend of Heroes franchises.

Gatomonand Angewomon FD
User:Fearless Diva
"You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough"
- Mae West
Fearless Diva here, but you can call me FD for short. I started as an anonymous user at Fandom in 2011, then became a regular editor at the Pretty Little Liars Wiki in 2012, where I was eventually promoted to admin, and later on into a bureaucrat. Since then alongside a great batch of admins, we incorporated the various books and shows associated with the Pretty Little Liars Fandom. I have also gone onto creating and managing several other wikis such as: Dynasty and Stargirl wikis to name a few. On my free time, I like to read a good book (YA is still the best!), listening to music (from Latin pop, classical, rock and K-pop). I’m also an avid movie goer (seriously I should have a membership with my local theater at this point with how frequently I go!). I also love binge watching TV, which ranges from anime, asian dramas, etc. I am always looking for recommendations on what to watch next! I still can’t believe I get paid to be a Wiki Specialist and do what I already love to do!

TotallyWitchy Jillian
Hello there! I'm Jillian I've been editing on Fandom for almost a decade. I'm obsessed with a lot of YA, Scifi, dramatic television series, and read more than a few books. I love expanding on pre-existing content, creating content, and just generally surrounding myself with positive people. You'll find me mostly in the television circuit but I dabble in a few movies as well. They told me I'm supposed to put what I do in my free time, but that's just... editing and binging shows. Also an avid dog lover. See ya around :)

HumbleX HumbleX
Hello! My name is HumbleX and I’m a major anime/manga fanatic (Weeb is the definitive term that people like myself are most commonly called in the Fandom). I began editing on Fandom sometime around March of 2012. I’m also an ardent fan of the Hunter × Hunter series and I'm one of the Bureaucrats on the Hunter × Hunter Fandom that's called Hunterpedia.

Further help and feedback[]