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The Wiki Representative program was made up of community members contracted to work part-time with Fandom to be representatives to specific wikis or groups of wikis they were assigned to, and Fandom Staff. Their role was to support wiki communities, help them grow and thrive, and serve as a liaison with a direct line of contact to full-time Fandom Staff.

The Wiki Representative program was retired in March 2024. You can read more in Fandom's Staff Blog, "Announcement about the Fandom Wiki Representative program," from March 18, 2024.

As we said in the blog, we want to acknowledge and thank all of the Wiki Representatives for everything they’ve done for Fandom, our wikis, and our users. They have been core parts of the community before and during their time as Wiki Reps, and we’ve enjoyed our time working with each of them. Their hard work and dedication have been truly appreciated, and we wish all former Wiki Representatives nothing but the best moving forward.

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