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The feature in action, with all tasks completed.

The Wiki Progress Bar is a tool available in the Admin Dashboard for founders and admins that leads them through the first days and weeks of creating a community. There are specific tasks that give users suggestions on how to get their community off the ground. When all 27 tasks are completed, the percentage indicator reaches 100%.

How it works

  • Anyone in the community can complete a task - it doesn't necessarily have to be the founder or an admin.
  • Once tasks are done, they go grey.
  • As each task is completed the progress wheel moves up; 3%, 5%, 15%, etc.
  • If an administrator feels like certain tasks are not appropriate for their community, they can skip them permanently. These will go into skipped tasks.
  • Bonus tasks opens only when skipped tasks remain.
  • Bonus tasks can be completed instead of skipped tasks and the progress wheel will still move to 100%.
  • Once at 100% a congratulation message/flag goes live, and anyone with access to the dashboard sees it.

Things to keep in mind

  • The congratulation message is collapsible, but the percentage indicator can never be dismissed.
  • Tasks are not editable.
  • The progress bar is not available on wikis created prior to the feature's implementation in 2011.

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