• This custom legacy feature has been deprecated. The WikiActivity feed upon which it is based has been replaced in favor of the actively developed core MediaWiki feature, recent changes on the Unified Community Platform (UCP).
    See this page for more information on the new platform.
  • This page will not be needed when the move to the UCP is complete.
AF tag

A sample feed

The ActivityFeed tag allows you to expose Wiki Activity-style recent changes anywhere on your community using simple wikitext.

Step by step

  • Visit the page you'd like to embed the feed on and open it for editing.
  • Add this wikitext to the page: <activityfeed />
  • Publish, and view your new activity feed.


By default, the activity feed shows essentially the same feed as WikiActivity. You can control certain elements of the feed by adding a few parameters:

Lets you set the number of items listed.
For example, <activityfeed size=3 />
hideimages, hidevideos, hidecategories, hidenewpages
Lets you hide images, video and categories from the feed by setting this value to true.
For example, <activityfeed hideimages=true />
Namespace to exclude - limit feed by removing unwanted namespaces (e.g. remove all blog posts). The space character in namespace names should be replaced with an underscore.
For example, <activityfeed exclude="main,user_blog_comment" />
Allows insertion of formatting directly into the top level of the tag.
For example, <activityfeed style="width:300px;" />
Changes the list into the style of abbreviated user contributions list (one line; icon, name, short timestamp, diff icon) by setting this value to true. Shows content namespaces only.
For example, <activityfeed shortlist=true />

Putting several of these parameters together would give you a tag like this:

<activityfeed size=5 hideimages=true shortlist=true />

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