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Fandom's Wiki-Bot[]

Fandom's Wiki-Bot is a powerful Discord bot designed to enhance your community's experience by seamlessly integrating with your Fandom wiki. This versatile bot offers a range of features, including verification systems, recent changes relays, and customizable settings to tailor its behavior to your server's needs.

To get started with Fandom's Wiki-Bot, simply follow the steps outlined in the Wiki-Bot Guide below. Ensure your Discord account on the server has admin privileges before beginning the process. For additional assistance or more complex configurations, or if you run into any technical issues, please contact DToast (dtoast on Discord) for assistance.

  1. Invite Fandom's Wiki-Bot
    1. Click here to authorize Fandom's Wiki-Bot
    2. Log in to your Discord account.
    3. Select the server from the dropdown.
    4. Enable all required permissions(Manage Roles and Manage Webhooks are only required if you are using Wiki-Bot's verification system and Wiki-Bot's recent changes relay respectively)
  2. Configure the bot
    1. Check if the bot is online on the right sidebar. It should have a green dot above it’s profile picture.
    2. On the dedicated bot channel send /settings wiki:
    3. [Optional] The remaining settings can be changed with the following options:
      1. /settings inline:True - Allow expanding links in messages.
      2. /settings inline:False - Disallow expanding links in messages.
      3. /settings role:@ROLENAME - Set a minimum role requirement to use the bot.
      4. /settings role:@everyone - Allow everyone to use the bot.
      5. /settings lang:LANGUAGECODE - Change the bot’s default language.
      6. You can combine all of these options in one command, for example: /settings inline:False
      7. There is also an option to set channel specific overrides by using the channel: #CHANNELNAME parameter: /settings channel:#anime
  3. Configure recent changes relay
    1. Use !wiki rcscript add
    2. Go to server settings > Integrations > Wiki-Bot and scroll down to the ‘Webhooks’ section
    3. Change the target channel and/or remaining options here
    4. Addtional options are available with the below commands:
      1. !wiki rcscript - lists existing rc relays and RCIDs
      2. !wiki rcscript RCID delete - delete relay
      3. !wiki rcscript RCID display compact
      4. !wiki rcscript RCID feeds - toggle relaying discussions actions
      5. !wiki rcscript RCID lang LANGUAGECODE - change relay’s language
      6. !wiki rcscript RCID wiki - change wiki URL
  4. [Optional] Configure verification system
    1. The verification system adds a command /verify FANDOMUSERNAME, that can automatically add roles based on several on-wiki criteria. It doesn’t have to safeguard the entire server like on the official Fandom one, but only specific channels, special privileges, or just to automatically grant a username color.
    2. Navigate to the channel that is supposed to handle verification
    3. Use !wiki verification add ROLENAME to select a already predefined server role granted by verification
    4. Configure the additional requirements with commands below.
      1. !wiki verification - lists existing verification setup and VERIFYIDs
      2. !wiki verification VERIFYID delete - remove verification setup
      3. !wiki verification VERIFYID rename - toggle automatic renaming verified users to their Fandom usernames
      4. !wiki verification VERIFYID channel #CHANNEL - change channel used for verification
      5. !wiki verification VERIFYID role ROLENAME - change added role by verification
      6. !wiki verification VERIFYID accountage DAYS - require an account to be at least DAYS days old on the platform
      7. !wiki verification VERIFYID editcount EDITS - require an account to have done EDITS edits on selected wiki
      8. !wiki verification VERIFYID postcount POSTS - require an account to have done POSTS discussion posts on selected wiki
      9. !wiki verification VERIFYID usergroup USERGROUP - require an account to have USERGROUP usergroup on selected wiki (i.e. sysop, bureaucrat)

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