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Widgets are an alternative to templates that allow for inclusion of normally restricted features of HTML and other markup. They are available for use by any editor on a wiki that has the Widgets extension installed, but require special permissions to be edited. This extension is not available by default on a wiki, however, and must be requested.

User permissions[]

Once installed, this extension introduces a new user group right editwidgets, which allows users to create and edit Widgets (pages in the "Widget:" namespace), and a new user group Widget editors. Local administrators no longer have access to editing these pages, and must submit edit requests to a member of one of the following groups:

  1. Wiki Representative
  2. Fandom Helpers
  3. Fandom Staff
  4. Wiki Specialists
  5. submit a ticket.


The wiki community at large, including some editors from the Gamepedia community, has produced and published a significant variety of useful Widgets for public use.


  • Facebook Page Plugin
{{#widget:Facebook Page Plugin|profile=}}
  • Facebook Like Button
{{#widget:Facebook Like Button|profile=}}


  • Twitter Follow Button
{{#widget:Twitter Follow Button|user=CurseGamepedia}}




  • StrawPoll


  • IRC

Widgets catalog[]

For a list of publicly available Widgets, and for editors wanting to share Widgets they have built with a larger audience, the MediaWiki Widgets Catalog is a useful resource.

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