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An example Special:EditWatchlist list

The Watchlist is a way to keep up-to-date on pages you care about on Fandom.


The location of the "Watch" button
  • You can choose to "Watch" a page by simply clicking "Watch" on the toolbar at the bottom of your page. When you have watched the page successfully, the text will change to "Unwatch". In some cases this toolbar may be hidden: pressing the spanner icon at the bottom right of your window will show it.
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    You can receive email notifications by changing your user preferences. Notifications will not be received on the wiki you're blocked in.
  • In some situations, you may automatically begin watching pages, such as after you leave a post on someone's Message Wall. You can manage your preferences for automatically following pages in your user preferences.
  • You can view pages you are watching at Special:EditWatchlist, which has advanced features for managing these pages.
  • You can go to Special:Watchlist to view a Recent changes feed of only articles you are watching.
  • To unwatch a page, simply click the "Unwatch" link in the toolbar at the bottom of the page. This is the same location as the link you clicked to watch the page originally.
  • If you want to edit what pages you watch, you'll need to go to Special:Preferences#mw-prefsection-watchlist, where you can edit entries on your watchlist, display options, advanced options, the changes which are shown, the pages you want to watch and the watchlist token.

Other ways to follow a page

There are three other ways to follow a page.

  • At the end of the URL of any content article in any wiki, add ?action=watch.
  • At the edit dropdown, you'll see a button "Watch" or "Unwatch".
  • While editing an article you can tick a box to start (or stop) watching it.

Other ways to unfollow a followed page

  • At the end of the URL of any followed article in any wiki, add ?action=unwatch.

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