Fandom is often helped by volunteers from its communities. These volunteers never outrank administrators on a wikia, but they may have certain global user rights similar to Wikia Staff to help Fandom communities more effectively. This page outlines some of the volunteer groups on Fandom.


The Fandom Helper group is made up of volunteers working to support and improve non-English communities. Like Fandom staff, Helpers have extended user rights on all wikis, but they do not outrank administrators, and will listen and respond to the views of any community they are working on and helping with.

Members of the Helper group have a @fandom tag in their signatures.


The Volunteer Spam Task Force (VSTF) is a group of Fandom users who have volunteered to help keep Fandom clear and free of spam and vandalism. The group is made up of users who act in the interest of keeping Fandom clean of vandalism and spam, and they are given additional user rights that allow them to detect, delete, and block these spam edits and users. You can report spam on the VSTF Wiki.

Community Council

The Community Council is a group of Wikians chosen from throughout the community by the staff to provide preliminary feedback on new features that are under development. While they do not have additional user rights, other than the ability to see the Community Council Wikia, these volunteer users have a "Councilor" tag on their profiles for the duration of their time in the group.


Vanguard is a group of Fandom users who have volunteered to help make Fandom's content available on the widest possible range of devices. They often hang out at the Portability Hub, where they're involved in all manner of user-generated discussions on the subject. They have been given additional user rights that allow them freer access to the MediaWiki and Template namespaces, Wikia-wide.

Issues with these groups

Sometimes, unanticipated disagreements and issues arise between users and groups of volunteers and Helpers. Should this be the case, and you are unable to resolve the issue locally, feel free to contact Wikia Staff for help in resolving the matter.

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