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Fandom is often helped by volunteers from its communities. These volunteers never outrank administrators on a wiki, but they may have certain global user rights similar to Fandom Staff to help Fandom communities more effectively. This page outlines some of the volunteer groups on Fandom.


The Spam Obliteration and Prevention (SOAP) is a group of Fandom users who have volunteered to help keep Fandom clear and free of spam and vandalism. The group are given additional user rights that allow them to detect, delete, and revert these spam edits, and block these users. You can report vandalism and spam on the SOAP Wiki.

Global Discussions moderators[]

Global Discussions moderators are a group of users with permissions related to the Discussions feature. Their focus is on community management, community building and social concerns within the Discussions feature specifically. They are assigned to work on specific communities that have requested help or that have been identified by Fandom staff. You can request their help on the Discussions Moderation Requests page.

Issues with these groups[]

Sometimes, unanticipated disagreements and issues arise between users and groups of volunteers and Helpers. Should this be the case, and you are unable to resolve the issue locally, feel free to contact Fandom Staff using the contact form for help in resolving the matter.

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