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The view source function, also called the raw function, is a handy way to view the source of a specific article. This forces a specific article to display its source code. "View Source" is only available on the desktop version, and is not accessible through the mobile skin.

Why does "View Source" appear on articles?

The "View Source" icon appears in place of the "Edit" button on pages with a Protection level enabled, be it autoconfirmed or sysop-protected.

However, if the "View Source" icon appears on pages that aren't protected, then the user trying to edit the article is either blocked locally on the wiki the article belongs to, or globally across the Fandom network.

How to view source

The view source button
On any Fandom article page:
  1. At the end of the URL, add the following text: ?action=raw
  2. Visit that link; the page should display the source code of the article.

Tips and tricks

  • If you want to make a page or Template by starting with a protected page's source code, you can copy the source code and paste it on source editing area.
  • Copy and pasting the source of the page in VisualEditor will automatically put the <nowiki> and </nowiki> between wikitext content. Instead, the copied source should be pasted in using the source editor.
  • To view the source of any page, you can add ?action=raw to the end of the URL.

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