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This extension is enabled by default on Fandom.

Videos are a great way to showcase information and keep readers engaged on your community! The video embed tool makes it possible to quickly and easily add videos to an article page. Videos can also be included in galleries and most other locations where images are supported. Videos that are under 400px wide will play in the media lightbox.


Unlike other ways to upload files, the video embed tool allows you to upload easily a video using only a link from certain websites, and makes it available to be used through editors. To do so, navigate to Special:NewFiles, which is your wiki's "gallery of new files", and then click "add a video". A UI will open up, so enter the URL of the video and click "add" — you've done it!

The gallery of new files lets you search media types - check the "videos" box and click 'Search' to only show videos. Your uploaded video should appear below. Now you can use it on any page!

Videos can be embedded from selected internet video providers:

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