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Vanguard is a group of Fandom users who have volunteered to help make Fandom's content available on the widest possible range of devices and to help communities learn how to use some of Fandom's more technically challenging products. They have been given additional user rights that allow them access to the MediaWiki and Template namespaces, Fandom-wide.

Beyond portability, some Vanguard teams are focused on other technical challenges, and are knowledgeable in areas such as scripting, Search Engine Optimization, design and user experience. They are often among the first to try new products that Fandom develops to be able to facilitate and educate on the new products' uses. Want more info? You can read more about the goals of the portability project or even learn how to join Vanguard.


How to join Vanguard

Vanguard are selected and invited by Fandom Staff. It is not a position you can request. It serves no purpose asking staff or Vanguard members to be given the rights, as such requests will be ignored.


Vanguard can fully access Template and MediaWiki namespaces, Admin Dashboard and Theme Designer across all of Fandom. Additional abilities allow editing protected pages or changing a page's content model and protection. They do not replace or "outrank" your local administrators, and Vanguard team members will make every effort to consult with your active and engaged local team.

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