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While using wiki pages to create tooltips is very powerful, it may be desirable in many cases to just simply use single images as tooltips. It would be tedious in this case to have to create a subpage for each page just to link to an image. But it isn't difficult to set up TippingOver to simply use images directly.

Changing how TippingOver determines the title of a tooltip page[]

TippingOver uses MediaWiki:To-tooltip-page-name to figure out what page should be the tooltip for the target page of a given link.

By default, the content of MediaWiki:To-tooltip-page-name is:


$1 is a special token that is automatically replaced with the title of the target page of a link. So, for a link to the page Example, $1 is replaced with "Example", making the tooltip page Example/Tooltip.

To use images instead, one could simply edit MediaWiki:To-tooltip-page-name and change it to:

File:$1 tooltip.png

After this, the tooltip for links to Example is now File:Example tooltip.png.

A more thorough discussion of customizing how TippingOver determines the title of a tooltip page can be found here.

Automatic resizing[]

When using file pages as tooltips, TippingOver will automatically resize larger tooltips down to half the available height for viewing the page in the user's browser.

Loading and missing page tooltips[]

These can also be changed to use images, but it currently must be done by asking your wiki manager to change the relevant configuration settings.

One example of an configuration using images as loading and missing page tooltips would be:

  • Setting $wgtoLoadingTooltip to File:Tooltip (loading).png
  • Setting $wgtoMissingPageTooltip to File:Tooltip (missing page).png

They can, of course, be changed to different page titles, but for them to be treated as image tooltips, the page titles must have the File: namespace prefix.