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A special page is a part of the MediaWiki software that performs specific functions (such as showing a list of broken redirects, a table of all the articles on the wiki, or access to view user groups), and always begins with the prefix "Special:".

Pages listed below in red are only available to sysops and bureaucrats, while orange signifies bureaucrats only (see Help:User access levels). These pages, when viewed on Special:SpecialPages will be denoted by bold links to those who can access them and will not appear at all to users who do not have the required user right.


Maintenance reports

Broken redirects 
Special:BrokenRedirects : List of pages whose target article has been deleted (Help:Redirect)
Dead-end pages 
Special:DeadendPages : Pages without any outgoing links (Help:Dead-end street)
Double redirects 
Special:DoubleRedirects : List of pages that redirect to another redirect page (Help:Redirect)
Long pages 
Special:LongPages : Pages that contain the most characters in descending order
Oldest pages 
Special:AncientPages : Lists the oldest pages on a wiki
Orphaned pages 
Special:LonelyPages : Articles not linked to or from any other page on the wiki
Pages with the fewest revisions 
Special:FewestRevisions : Pages with the least amount of edits
Pages without language links 
Special:WithoutInterwiki : Pages that do not link to any alternate language counterparts (Help:Interlanguage links)
Problem reports list 
Special:ProblemReports : Display reported problems (Help:ProblemReports)
Protected pages 
Special:ProtectedPages : List pages that cannot be edited by non-admins or non-autoconfirmed users (Help:Page protection)
Protected titles 
Special:ProtectedTitles : Pages that have been protected from creation from non-admins (Help:Page protection)
Short pages 
Special:ShortPages : Pages that contain the fewest characters in ascending order
Uncategorized categories 
Special:UncategorizedCategories : Categories without category tags (Help:Category)
Uncategorized files 
Special:UncategorizedImages : Images without category tags (Help:Category)
Uncategorized pages 
Special:UncategorizedPages : Pages without category tags (Help:Category)
Uncategorized templates 
Special:UncategorizedTemplates : Templates without category tags (Help:Category)
Unused files 
Special:UnusedImages : Images that do not appear on any page (Help:Images)
Unused templates 
Special:UnusedTemplates : Templates that are not included in any page (Help:Templates)
Unwatched pages 
Special:UnwatchedPages : Pages that are not on any user's watchlist
Wanted categories 
Special:WantedCategories : Pages that use a category that has not been created yet (Help:Category)
Wanted pages 
Special:WantedPages : Most internally linked-to articles that do not yet exist
Wanted files 
Special:WantedFiles : Most internally linked-to files (not just images) that do not yet exist

List of pages

;Admins list : Special:Listadmins : A list of all administrators
All pages 
Special:AllPages : A list of every page on the wiki
Special:Categories : List of categories (Help:Category)
Category tree 
Special:CategoryTree : Use a category name to see its contents as a tree structure (Help:Category)
Disambiguation pages 
Special:Disambiguations : List pages marked as disambiguations (Help:Disambiguation)
List redirects 
Special:ListRedirects : List of redirects on a wiki (Help:Redirect)
Prefix index  
Special:PrefixIndex : Display pages with prefix (Help:Subpages)

Login/sign up

Special:UserLogin : Log in or create a new account (Help:User account)
Special:UserLogout : Log out of your account (Help:User account)

Users and rights

Block user 
Special:BlockIP : Block a user or IP address. (Help:Blocking)
Blocked IP addresses and usernames 
Special:IPBlockList : Blocked IPs and usernames (Help:Blocking)
Special:Contributions : List of contributions of anonymous or logged-in users (Help:User contributions)
Deleted user contributions 
View a user's or IP address's edits that have been deleted (Help:Deletion)
Edit count 
Special:EditCount : Edit tally broken down by namespaces locally and globally (Help:Edit count)
Invite friends to join Wikia 
Special:InviteSpecialPage : Invite friends based on address lists or otherwise (Help:Invite Friends)
Special:Preferences : Set your user preferences (Help:Preferences)
User list 
Special:ListUsers : List of people who have edited this wiki (Help:Active users)
User rights management 
Special:UserRights : Use to appoint new admins/bureaucrats or to add/remove rollback users. (Help:User access levels)

Recent changes and logs

Gallery of new files
Special:NewImages : The most recently uploaded images displayed in a gallery format (Help:Images)
Special:Log : Logs of deletion, protection, blocking, image uploads and user rights settings
My watchlist 
Special:Watchlist : Show the pages you are watching (Help:Watchlist)
New pages 
Special:NewPages : List of new pages on a wiki (Help:Newest Pages)
Recent changes 
Special:RecentChanges : The latest edits on a wiki (Help:Recent changes)
Related changes 
Special:RelatedChanges : Changes made recently to pages linked from a specified page
or to members of a specified category (Help:Related changes)

Media reports and uploads

File list 
Special:ImageList : List of images uploaded that can be sorted by size or date (Help:Images)
File path 
Special:FilePath : Returns the complete path for a file (Help:Images)
Import Free Images 
Special:ImportFreeImages : Import properly licensed photos from flickr (Help:Import free images)
MIME search 
Special:MIMESearch : Enables the filtering of files for its MIME-type
Search for duplicate files 
Special:FileDuplicateSearch : Locate duplicate files based on filename
Upload files 
Special:MultipleUpload : Upload up to 10 files to the wiki (Help:Multiple uploads)
Upload image/file Special:Upload 
Upload a file to the wiki (Help:Uploading files)

Wiki data and tools

Special:Statistics : Total number of pages and users
System messages 
Special:Allmessages : Displays all pages in the MediaWiki namespace (Help:System Messages)
Special:Version : The version of the software the site is currently running. Also displayed 'installed' extensions.
Wikia Statistics 
Special:WikiaStats : Comprehensive statistical information about a wiki (Help:WikiaStats)

Redirecting special pages

Random page 
Special:RandomPage : Redirects to a random page (Help:Redirect)
Random redirect 
Special:RandomRedirect : Randomly taken to a redirecting page (Help:Redirect)
Special:Search : Search the wiki (Help:Searching)

High use pages

Most linked-to categories 
Special:MostLinkedCategories : Categories that have the most links to them in descending order
Most linked-to files 
Special:MostImages : Images that have the most links to them in descending order
Most linked-to pages 
Special:MostLinked : Pages that have the most links to them in descending order
Most linked-to templates 
Special:MostLinkedTemplates : Templates that have the most links to them in descending order
Most popular articles (from database) 
Special:Mostpopulararticles : List of the most popular articles
Most popular categories 
Special:Mostpopularcategories : List of the most popular categories
Most visited pages 
Special:Mostvisitedpages : Pages which have the most views in descending order
Pages with the most categories 
Special:MostCategories : List of pages with the most categories in descending order
Pages with the most revisions 
Special:MostRevisions : List of pages with the large number of edits in descending order

Page tools

Create a new article 
Special:Createpage : Guided process to creating new pages (Help:New page)
Export pages 
Special:Export : Exports the source of individual wiki pages, optionally with their histories, in a thin XML wrapper which includes metadata like time, etc (Help:Exporting pages)
Import pages 
Special:Import : Import pages exported from another wiki in an XML file
View deleted pages 
Special:Undelete : One way to undelete a page or review deleted revisions of pages
What links here 
Special:WhatLinksHere : Find all pages that link to an article (Help:What links here)

Wikia special pages

Contact Wikia 
Special:Contact : Send a message or inquiry to the Community Team (Help:Contacting Wikia)
Special:WidgetDashboard : Control the display of widgets (Help:Widget Dashboard)
Widgets list 
Special:Widgets : Display a list of widgets (Help:Widgets)

Other special pages

Book sources 
Special:BookSources : Used when an ISBN is linked to on a page
Search web links 
Special:Linksearch : Search web pages linked on the wiki based on different patterns.
Simplified upload 
Special:MiniUpload : Simplified uploading


Some extension also add new log types to the wiki (these will only exist if they are enabled at your wiki)

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