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{{Help and feedback section}}
{{Help and feedback section}}
[[Category:Administration help|{{PAGENAME}}]]
[[nl:Help:Speciale pagina's]]
[[nl:Help:Speciale pagina's]]
[[ru:Справка:Отчёт о тегах]]
[[Category:Administration help|{{PAGENAME}}]]

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A screenshot of Special Pages.

Special pages are useful tools and reports come with our MediaWiki software and help with wiki management. Special pages always begin with the prefix "Special:".

How to Find Special Pages

  • If you're an admin on the wiki, you can find this in the Admin Dashboard under the "Advanced" Tab.
  • If you want to create a shortcut to this list, you can add it to your toolbar by clicking "Customize" and adding "Special pages" to your list.

A List of Special Pages

Below is a list of options in Special:SpecialPages, color coded by access levels:

  • Black - Available to anyone
  • Green - Available to logged in users
  • Red - Available to admins and bureaucrats
  • Orange - Available to bureaucrats only

If a Special Page isn't available to a user, it will generally not display on their view of Special:SpecialPages.

Maintenance reports

Broken redirects
Special:BrokenRedirects : List of pages whose target article has been deleted (Help:Redirect)
Dead-end pages
Special:DeadendPages : Pages without any outgoing links (Help:Dead-end street)
Double redirects
Special:DoubleRedirects : List of pages that redirect to another redirect page (Help:Redirect)
Long pages
Special:LongPages : Pages that contain the most characters in descending order
Oldest pages
Special:AncientPages : Lists the oldest pages on a wiki
Orphaned pages
Special:LonelyPages : Articles not linked to or from any other page on the wiki
Pages with the fewest revisions
Special:FewestRevisions : Pages with the least amount of edits
Pages without language links
Special:WithoutInterwiki : Pages that do not link to any alternate language counterparts (Help:Interlanguage links)
Protected pages
Special:ProtectedPages : List pages that cannot be edited by non-admins or non-autoconfirmed users (Help:Page protection)
Protected titles
Special:ProtectedTitles : Pages that have been protected from creation from non-admins (Help:Page protection)
Short pages
Special:ShortPages : Pages that contain the fewest characters in ascending order
Tags Report
Special:TagsReport : Lists all of the specific tags in alphabetical order along with how many pages for each tag
Uncategorized categories
Special:UncategorizedCategories : Categories without category tags (Help:Category)
Uncategorized pages
Special:UncategorizedPages : Pages without category tags (Help:Category)
Uncategorized photos
Special:UncategorizedImages : Images without category tags (Help:Category)
Uncategorized templates
Special:UncategorizedTemplates : Templates without category tags (Help:Category)
Unused categories
Special:UnusedCategories displays categories that have not been used
Unused photos
Special:UnusedImages : Images that do not appear on any page (Help:Images)
Unused templates
Special:UnusedTemplates : Templates that are not included in any page (Help:Templates)
Unwatched pages
Special:UnwatchedPages : Pages that are not on any user's watchlist
Wanted categories
Special:WantedCategories : Pages that use a category that has not been created yet (Help:Category)
Wanted pages
Special:WantedPages : Most internally linked-to articles that do not yet exist
Wanted photos
Special:WantedFiles : Most internally linked-to files (not just images) that do not yet exist

List of pages

All pages
Special:AllPages : A list of every page on the wiki
All pages with prefix
Special:PrefixIndex Displays all prefixes within the wiki, along with a search box
Categories list
Special:Categories : List of categories (Help:Category)
Category tree
Special:CategoryTree : Use a category name to see its contents as a tree structure (Help:Category)
Disambiguation pages
Special:Disambiguations : List pages marked as disambiguations (Help:Glossary#D)
Redirects list
Special:ListRedirects : List of redirects on a wiki (Help:Redirect)

Users and rights

Block user
Special:BlockIP : Block a user or IP address. (Help:Blocking)
Blocked IP addresses and usernames
Special:IPBlockList : Blocked IPs and usernames (Help:Blocking)
Change password
Special:ChangePassword : Change the password associated with your user account
Special:Contributions : List of contributions of anonymous or logged-in users (Help:User contributions)
Deleted contributions
Special:DeletedContributions : View a user's or IP address's edits that have been deleted (Help:Deletion)
Edit count
Special:EditCount : Edit tally broken down by namespaces locally and globally (Help:Edit count)
Special:Preferences : Set your user preferences (Help:Preferences)
User group rights
Special:ListGroupRights : List of rights associated with each user group (Help:User access levels)
User rights management
Special:UserRights : Use to appoint new admins/bureaucrats or to add/remove rollback users. (Help:User access levels)
Users list
Special:ListUsers : List of people who have edited this wiki (Help:Active users)

Recent changes and logs

Followed Pages
Special:Following : A list of pages you are following on that wiki
Logs (extended list)
Special:Log : Logs of deletion, protection, blocking, image uploads and user rights settings
New pages
Special:NewPages : List of new pages on a wiki (Help:Newest Pages)
New photos on this wiki
Special:NewFiles : List of photos on a wiki sorted by newest to oldest
Recent changes
Special:RecentChanges : The latest edits on a wiki (Help:Recent changes)
Related changes
Special:RelatedChanges : Changes made recently to pages linked from a specified page
or to members of a specified category (Help:Related changes)
Valid change tags
Special:Tags : A list of the tags that MediaWiki may mark an edit with, and their meaning
Special:Watchlist : Show the pages you are watching (Help:Watchlist)

Media reports and uploads

Duplicate photos search
Special:FileDuplicateSearch : Locate duplicate files based on filename
File list
Special:ImageList : List of images uploaded that can be sorted by size or date (Help:Images)
File path
Special:FilePath : Returns the complete path for a file (Help:Images)
Import Free Images
Special:ImportFreeImages : Import properly licensed photos from flickr (Help:Import free images)
MIME search
Special:MIMESearch : Enables the filtering of files for its MIME-type
Upload multiple photos
Special:MultipleUpload : Upload up to 10 files to the wiki (Help:Multiple uploads)
Upload photo
Special:Upload : Upload a file to the wiki (Help:Uploading files)

Wiki data and tools

Special:Statistics : Total number of pages and users
System messages
Special:Allmessages : Displays all pages in the MediaWiki namespace (Help:System Messages)
Special:Version : The version of the software the site is currently running. Also displayed 'installed' extensions
Wikia Statistics
Special:WikiStats : Displays monthly statistics of active users, edits, uploads, and other useful data

Redirecting special pages

External links search
Special:LinkSearch : Links on pages that take readers outside of the wiki
Random page
Special:RandomPage : Redirects to a random page (Help:Redirect)
Random redirect
Special:RandomRedirect : Randomly taken to a redirecting page (Help:Redirect)
Special:Search : Search the wiki (Help:Searching)

High use pages

Most linked-to categories
Special:MostLinkedCategories : Categories that have the most links to them in descending order
Most linked-to pages
Special:MostLinked : Pages that have the most links to them in descending order
Most linked-to photos
Special:MostImages : Images that have the most links to them in descending order
Most linked-to templates
Special:MostLinkedTemplates : Templates that have the most links to them in descending order
Most popular categories
Special:Mostpopularcategories : List of the most popular categories
Pages with the most categories
Special:MostCategories : List of pages with the most categories in descending order
Pages with the most revisions
Special:MostRevisions : List of pages with the large number of edits in descending order

Page tools

Example output of the Special:WhatLinksHere page.

Create a new page
Special:Createpage : Guided process to creating new pages (Help:New page)
Export pages
Special:Export : Exports the source of individual wiki pages, optionally with their histories, in a thin XML wrapper which includes metadata like time, etc (Help:Exporting pages)
Import pages
Special:Import : Import pages exported from another wiki in an XML file
Restore deleted pages
Special:Undelete : One way to undelete a page or review deleted revisions of pages
What links here
Special:WhatLinksHere : Find all pages that link to an article

Wikia pages

Contact Wikia
Special:Contact : Send a message or inquiry to the Community Team (Help:Contacting Wikia)
Create blog
Special:CreateBlogPage : Create a new blog post
Create blog listing
Special:CreateBlogListingPage : Create a new blog listing page to display blog posts from categories
Partner feed
Special:PartnerFeed : RSS feed for types of wiki actions and content

Login/sign up

Connect account with Facebook

Other special pages

API Explorer
Special:ApiExplorer : Displays documentation for the wiki's API
Achievements Leaderboard
Special:Leaderboard : A ranked list of users by achievement badges
Activity feed
Special:WikiActivity : A visual feed of edits and communication on the wiki
Book sources
Special:BookSources : Used when an ISBN is linked to on a page
Random page in category
Special:RandomInCategory : Generates a random page limited to the named category
Wiki Features
Special:WikiFeatures : Enable, disable, and give feedback on experimental and optional features


Some extension also add new log types to the wiki (these will only exist if they are enabled at your wiki). Examples:

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