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[[Category:Help|Special pages]]
[[Category:Help|Special pages]]
[[Category:Administration help|{{PAGENAME}}]]
[[Category:Administration help|{{PAGENAME}}]]

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A special page is a part of the MediaWiki software that performs a specific function, and always begins with the prefix "Special:".

The "Special pages" link in the toolbox in the sidebar leads to Special:Specialpages, which lists all available functions in alphabetical order.

You can include some of these in other pages. See Help:Special page inclusion.

Special pages for all users

Active user list 
Special:Activeusers : A list of people who have edited this wiki. (Help:Active users)
Special:Userlogin : Log in or create a new account.
Special:Userlogout : Log out of your account.
Special:Preferences : Set your user preferences. (Preferences help)
My watchlist 
Special:Watchlist : Show the pages you are watching. (Watchlist help)
Recent changes 
Special:Recentchanges : The latest edits on this wiki. (Recent changes help)
Upload file 
Special:Upload : Upload a file to the wiki. (Upload help)
Image list 
Special:Imagelist : List of images uploaded that can be sorted by size or date
New image gallery
Special:Newimages : The most recently uploaded images displayed in a gallery format
User list 
Special:Listusers : A list of all registered users.
Admins list 
Special:Listadmins : A list of all administrators
Special:Statistics : total number of pages and users
Random page 
Special:Randompage : redirects to a random page
Orphaned pages 
Special:Lonelypages : Articles not linked to from any other page on the wiki
Uncategorized pages 
Special:Uncategorizedpages : Pages without category tags
Uncategorized categories 
Special:Uncategorizedcategories : Categories without category tags
Unused files 
Special:Unusedimages : Images that do not appear on any page.
Wanted pages 
Special:Wantedpages : Most internally-linked to articles that do not yet exist
Short pages 
Long pages 
New pages 
Oldest pages 
Dead-end pages 
Special:Deadendpages : Pages without any outgoing links.
All pages 
Special:Allpages : A list of every page on the wiki
List of blocked IP addresses and usernames 
Special:Ipblocklist : Blocked IPs and usernames
Book sources 
Special:Booksources : Used when an ISBN is linked to on a page
Special:Categories : See Help:Category
Export pages 
Special:Export : Exports the source of individual wiki pages, optionally with their histories, in a thin XML wrapper which includes metadata (time, etc).
Special:Version : The version of the software the site is currently running. Also displayed 'installed' extensions.
All system messages 
Special:Allmessages : Displays all pages in the MediaWiki namespace.
New image gallery 
Special:Newimages : Thumbnails of newly uploaded images.
Special:Log : Logs of deletion, protection, blocking, image uploads and user rights settings

Restricted special pages

Block user 
Special:Blockip : Sysop only. Used to block or unblock users, IPs and ranges of IPs.
Restore deleted page 
Special:Undelete : Sysop only. One way to undelete a page.
Make a user into a sysop 
Special:Makesysop : Bureaucrat only.


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