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It is possible to include items from certain special pages on wiki pages, similar to including templates. This can be done on user or project pages to make it easier to keep track of wiki maintenance.

Step by step[]

  • Navigate to the page where you want to add some special page content, then open it for editing.
  • Switch to the editor's source editing mode, if needed.
  • Enter your intended special pages code, based on the reference materials below. For example, if you wanted to show the three most recent changes, you could enter this:
    • {{Special:RecentChanges/3}}
  • Save your changes to the page. In our example above, you'll see something similar to this appear on your page:
Track the most recent changes to the wiki on this page.
List of abbreviations:
This edit created a new page (also see list of new pages)
This is a minor edit
This edit was performed by a bot
The page size changed by this number of bytes

14 July 2024

     01:55  User:CheesePlatter/Guestbook diffhist +145 DementedSoul4000 Message Wall contribs Tag: Visual edit
     01:48  User:Mikevoir/sandbox.js‎‎ 2 changes history +18,266 [Mikevoir‎ (2×)]
01:48 (cur | prev) −5 Mikevoir Message Wall contribs
01:40 (cur | prev) +18,271 Mikevoir Message Wall contribs
  • Note: You cannot use the output of special page inclusions inside templates or parser functions—they are expanded after everything else on the page.

Available special pages for inclusion[]

Here's a summary of possibilities, with explanations:

New Pages
{{Special:NewPages/5}} Five newest pages
{{Special:NewPages/namespace=Forum,6}} Six newest pages in the Forum namespace
{{Special:NewPages/limit=7,offset=20210301,shownav}} Seven newest pages before the date 2021-03-01, plus navigation links
Wanted Pages
{{Special:WantedPages/5}} Five most wanted pages (displays in a comma-separated list)
Recent Changes
{{Special:RecentChanges/5}} Five latest edits
{{Special:RecentChanges/hideminor,3}} Three latest edits, not including minor edits
{{Special:RecentChanges/hideliu,3}} Three latest edits, not including those from logged in users
{{Special:RecentChanges/hideanons,3}} Three latest edits, not including those from anonymous users
{{Special:RecentChanges/hidebots=1,3}} Three latest edits, not including those from bots
{{Special:RecentChanges/hidemyself,3}} Three latest edits, not including those from the user viewing the page
{{Special:RecentChanges/hidepatrolled,3}} Three latest unpatrolled edits
{{Special:RecentChanges/days=2}} Edits from the last two days
{{Special:PrefixIndex/E}} All pages starting with the letter E
All Pages
{{Special:AllPages/Weather}} All pages, listed alphabetically, starting from the "Weather" article

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