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New Source Editor

UCP Source Editor (2017 wikitext editor)

The Source Editor is the main editor for wikis. It serves as an alternative to the Visual Editor, when users need to do more complicated stuff, which are not possible with the Visual Editor.


Currently, there are 2 versions of Source Editor available on UCP:

2017 Wikitext Editor


2017 wikitext editor

A new editor for wikis. It can be activated by using prefered editor "VisualEditor - source mode" in their Preferences. It loads page without reload of page. Also, this editors allows revert of edits to text.

2010 Wikitext Editor


2010 wikitext editor

If user wants to keep the older wikitext editor, called 2010 wikitext editor, they should check if their preferred editor is set to "Source Editor" in their Preferences.

2010 wikitext editor will be used on some places (JS and CSS files editor) even, if 2017 wikitext editor is set.

Editing Tools

Editor Switcher

There is an option to switch editor in middle of editing, without losing any of your work.


Toolbar contains some basic tools to edit a page. If you wanna know more about it, click here


In editor area, you are able to edit source of the page.

Edit Options

This area is for additional information (eg. Summary, Minor edit), previewing change and saving article.


UCP toolbox will be different, based on what version of editor type you are using.

2017 wikitext editor

Formating options
There are 3 formatting options - Bold, Italic and Underline.
Quick tools
These are not-formatting options. They are Signature tool, Link, Media, Mass Upload, Gallery and Cite.
Special Characters
This can be used to insert special characters (for example ä).
There are situations, when people need more tools. These tools may be paragraphs, lists, superscripts and subscripts, or even tables. Advanced option has all these features.
Undo and Redo
These allows people to undo, and redo their edits. These are really useful, especially for new comers, who can revert edits, without having to edit again, or save changes, where they messed up some text.
Page options
This is actually brought from Visual Editor. These allows to
  • Add categories (not working)
  • Change page settings (not working)
  • Change advanced settings (not working)
  • Change Languages (not working)
  • See templates used
  • Allow syntax highlighting
  • View a right-to-left
  • Find and replace
More options
  • These are links, which are useful. You have to open these in new cards.

2010 wikitext editor


2010 wikitext editor toolbar

Main Toolbar

Formatting options
  • There are 2 formatting options - Bold and Italic
Quick tools
  • These are not-formatting options. They are Signature tool (only on talk pages), Link, Embedded file, Reference and Select Files (multiupload)
Syntax highlighting


  • This adds heading
  • These includes Bulled list, Numbered list, Nowiki formatting and new line.
Additional formatting
  • These are not really used, but useful html formatting's. They are Big, Small, Superscript and Subscript
  • Inserts somewhat finished code into code - Picture gallery, Redirect and Table
Search and replace
  • Really useful tool, you can search word, and even replace one or all of them.

Special characters

  • This section can be used to insert special characters (for example ä)


  • This contains some basic wikitext help, really useful for users, which starts with wikitext.

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