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Accessing source editor in VisualEditor. "Source editing" will either load the 2010 wikitext editor, or the 2017 source editor, depending on your Special:Preferences.

The Source Editor is one of two editors that allows editing of pages via wikitext or some HTML.

How to use Source Editor[]


Preferred editor in your preferences.

To switch from VisualEditor to a source editor, use the toolbar menu and click on the menu at the top right where "Visual Editor" is.

If you wish to always edit in source mode, you may wish to switch your preferences to the source editor in Special:Preferences#mw-prefsection-editing. You can also set the default source editor you would like to use.


Currently, there are two versions of Source Editor available:

  • VisualEditor - source mode, also known as the 2017 wikitext editor.
  • Source editor, also known as the 2010 wikitext editor.

VisualEditor - source mode[]

New Source Editor

2017 wikitext editor

The 2017 wikitext editor (VisualEditor - source mode) is the "source mode" of VisualEditor. It has a similar toolbar as the VisualEditor in visual editing mode and allows quick switching between the visual editing and source editing. It will always load as the source editor if VisualEditor is enabled in your preferences.

Source editor[]

2010 editor

2010 wikitext editor

The 2010 wikitext editor (Source editor) has a simplified interface and toolbar. This editor is loaded in some locations where the 2017 wikitext editor is not available.


  • All source editors support syntax highlighting.
  • Switching to source mode in an editor may take a few moments, as it requires the contents of the editor to be turned back into wikitext.

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