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[[File:Sock puppet brandon.jpg|thumb|284x284px]]
'''Sockpuppet''' is a term used to refer to a someone who has created another [[Help:Account|account]] to cause a problem on a community. This may be to:
* Avoid a [[Help:Blocking|block or ban]]
* Post [[Help:Vandalism|vandalism]]
* [[Help:Harassment and bullying|Harass]] another user
* Create drama (instigate conflict)
Multiple accounts are allowed on FANDOM, but they should not be used to deceive other users. Local communities may have specific [[Help:Policies|policies]] related to multiple accounts, so it is important to check local community account policies.
If it is found that a user is abusing multiple accounts to cause trouble, those accounts may be closed by staff, depending on how severe the event is. All questions regarding account information must be submitted to [[Special:Contact]].
== See also ==
* [[Help:Administrators' how-to guide|Admin how to guide]]
* [[Wikipedia:Wikipedia:Sockpuppetry|Sockpuppetry policy on Wikipedia]]
* [[Help:Blocking|Blocking accounts]]
* [[Help:Vandalism|Dealing with vandalism]]
* [[Help:User rights#CheckUsers|CheckUsers]]
== Related blog posts ==
* [[homepage:w:User blog:Sannse/You and Your Socks|You and Your Socks]]
== Further help and feedback ==
{{Help and feedback section}}
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[[Category:Administration help]]
[[Category:Administration help]]

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