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[[Category:About Wikia|{{PAGENAME}}]]
[[Category:About Wikia|{{PAGENAME}}]]
[[es:Ayuda:Acerca de Ayuda de Wikia]]
[[es:Ayuda de Wikia:Acerca de]]
[[nl:Help:Over Wikia Hulp]]
[[nl:Help:Over Wikia Hulp]]
[[pl:Pomoc:O Centrum Pomocy]]
[[pl:Pomoc:O Centrum Pomocy]]

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Wikia Help is a set of articles intended to help users on Wikia get the most out of their wikis. It is available in the "Help" namespace of any wiki at Wikia.

Wikia Help

Browse common topics to find support at Wikia

Where to Read Wikia Help

The best place to read Wikia Help is at the "Help" namespace of Community Central. Community Central is a wiki that provides many different kinds of support for wikis and the Wikia community. If a question isn't answered in a help page, you can also ask for support in our Support Forums or by contacting Wikia Staff.

Where to Edit Wikia Help

The content for Wikia Help is written and managed at Anyone can help improve these pages. Please see How to Help with Help Wiki for more info if you'd like to get started.

Please note that this wiki is overseen by Wikia staff, and is not intended as a sandbox for test editing. Such edits are generally best performed on wikis where you normally edit, or on the Community Test Wiki.

Using Wikia Help

Visit Help:Contents to browse topics, or visit Help:Index for a full list of available Wikia Help pages.

The talk pages on the Wikia Help wiki are intended only for discussing issues with the help information itself. If you wish to report problems or bugs, please use Special:Contact to report any issues directly to Wikia Staff.

If, after checking the wiki, you still have general help questions, please visit our Support Forums.

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