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  • Pages
    Main Article(s): Help:Formatting_text
    Also referred to as "headings", these sections are used to visually split page content; typically by sub-topics relevant to the page's overall topic. They can be edited separately in source mode and each is assigned an ID for direct linking (see here). A few advanced features make use of these as well.
  • Portable Infoboxes
    Main Article(s): Help:Infoboxes
    Also referred to as "tabs", these section tags, together with panel tags, are one of multiple methods to group infobox content. Within a single panel, only one section is displayed at a given time. Users can click tabs at the top of the panel to change which group of content is displayed. Note that these tabs are different from those used to switch between multiple images in an infobox. For multiple images, see this other section of the same help page.
  • Labeled Section Transclusion
    Main Article(s): mw:Extension:Labeled_Section_Transclusion
    This extension is enabled by default and allows the transclusion of a specific part of a page. It provides more flexibility than the built-in transclusion tags which are typically used for templates. Users can mark custom portions of a page for transclusion (using section tags) as well as transclude content based on page section.
  • HTML
    Main Article(s): Help:HTML
    This type of section tag is not available for use in MediaWiki. This list entry has been included in case it is the intended search topic of users who are familiar with other website platforms or HTML in general.