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The recent changes patrol is a feature that tracks which new page have and have not been checked for validity and conformity to the policies of the wiki. It prevents a duplication of effort by clearly indicating which pages have and have not been checked by a member of the patrol. The patrol log displays all pages that have been patrolled.

By default, the recent changes patrol is enabled for all new wikis. However, a community may decide to request that Fandom staff enable or disable the extension. When the recent changes patrol is enabled, all users with administrative or content-moderator rights have the ability to patrol new pages. Pages created by users with patrol rights are automatically marked as patrolled.

Unpatrolled pages are preceded by a red exclamation mark on Special:RecentChanges and highlighted with yellow on Special:NewPages. To patrol a new page, click on the timesamp of the page's creation and then click the "[Mark this page as patrolled]" link in the lower-right corner of the page. If the page is not acceptable, either fix the problem or mark it for deletion.

Patrolled pages can be hidden from Special:NewPages so that only pages that have not yet been checked will be displayed. This makes it easier to check all unpatrolled pages for mistakes or vandalism. To do this, select the "Hide patrolled pages from new page list" option under the "Changes shown" section of your recent changes preferences.

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