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| author = {{*}}Alexia E. Smith and Hydra Wiki Platform Team
| author = {{*}}Alexia E. Smith and Hydra Wiki Platform Team
| link = [https://gitlab.com/hydrawiki/extensions/rsspie GitLab]
| link = [https://gitlab.com/hydrawiki/extensions/rsspie GitLab]
| desc =
| desc = {{int:rsspie_description}}
RSS extension based on the SimplePie library.
| default =yes
| default =yes

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RSS is a type of web feed that allows you to embed a list of content that is automatically updated when you refresh the page. RSS feeds can be used to track news articles, podcasts, blogs, or just about anything else published on the web.

You can embed RSS feeds on a wiki using the RSSPie extension, enabled by default on all Fandom wikis. This is useful to include news about a video game, episode announcements for a TV show, or even recent changes from the wiki itself.

How do I add an RSS feed to a wiki page?

Locate the URL for the RSS feed you would like to include, usually by clicking an "RSS" button or link on the page providing the feed and copying the URL from the address bar.

The basic code to add an RSS feed to a page is as follows:

<rss>URL goes here</rss>

How can I customize the feed?

There are a number of optional parameters you can add within the <rss> tag to customize the output:

Attribute and Default Description
Default: MediaWiki:Rss_item_template
Defines the display template for each item in the feed. PageName must be a complete page name including the namespace. See § Feed item template for more information.
Default: 5
Shows only a certain number of items in the feed.
Default: newest
Sorts the feed items by "newest" or "oldest".
Default: 200
Truncates long descriptions to a certain number of characters.
Default: Y/m/d H:i
Formats the date of each entry using PHP date formatting guidelines.
Default: empty
A list of words, separated by commas, to filter into the display. Feed items will only be shown if they contain any of these words.
Default: empty
A list of words, separated by commas, to filter out of the display. Feed items will be hidden if they contain any of these words. Feed items hidden by filterOut will stay hidden even if they match filterIn.

Feed item template

For advanced users, you can use the itemTemplate parameter to modify how each item is displayed in the feed. This is useful for situations where you may need to hide certain fields or rearrange them for an optimal display.

The itemTemplate parameter must point to a page that contains the template, which will substitute the following fields with the related data:

  • {{{link}}} - the URL to the feed item
  • {{{title}}} - the feed item's title
  • {{{author}}} - the author of the feed item
  • {{{date}}} - the feed item's date
  • {{{description}}} - the feed item's description

The default template, located at MediaWiki:Rss_item_template, is as follows:

<div class='rss_item'>
'''<span class='plainlinks'>[{{{link}}} {{{title}}}]</span> - {{{author}}} - <span class='date_epoch'>{{{date}}}</span>'''
: {{{description}}}

How can I embed a Google news feed?

This is an example of setting up an English Google RSS feed for Call of Duty news.

Google provides an easy way to create an RSS feed on its Alerts page. Simply type in the search terms for your subject and, under "Deliver to", select "RSS feed". You may need to log in to a Google account and change "How often" to "As-it-happens" to see the RSS feed option. Once you create the feed, right-click the RSS icon and select "Copy Link" to copy the link to the feed to use it on your wiki.

For example, creating an English Google RSS feed for Call of Duty news and including it on a wiki would result in the following:

<rss max="3">https://www.google.com/alerts/feeds/02664616218399659428/5058949282015925287</rss>

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Can I embed RSS feeds from my own wiki?

Yes, feeds are available in both RSS and Atom formats for all page histories and many special pages, including Special:RecentChanges, Special:NewPages, and Special:WantedPages. To access these feeds, see Help:Feeds for more information.

For example, showing a feed of new help pages created on Community Central would result in the following:

<rss max="3">https://community.fandom.com/wiki/Special:NewPages?feed=rss&namespace=12</rss>

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