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Usage of Protect Site

Protect site is an extension that allows Wikia Staff, the Volunteer Spam Task Force, and other volunteers to temporarily restrict certain actions on a wikia to stop major instances of spam or vandalism. Local administrators can contact Wikia to request that the extension be enabled for their use, though Wikia staff traditionally only enable the tool on wikias that have a large history of spam or vandalism attacks..


This extension can be used to restrict actions to either registered users and administrators or administrators. The following actions can be restricted:

Local administrators with access to protect site will see a link to it in Special:SpecialPages and can use it from Special:Protectsite. The maximum amount of time an administrator can protect an entire wikia for is 12 hours.

As this tool will prevent a large number of people from editing the wikia, both good and bad, it should not be used for an extended duration. The protection should only last long enough to be able to clean everything up. Similarly, protect site is not to be used for long-term protection. Please contact Wikia staff for alternatives and other options.

When used, it will show up in the protection logs and recent changes as a protecting of 'Special:AllPages.'

How to request access

Local administrators can request that this extension be available for their use by contacting Wikia. The Community Team will then evaluate the request and determine whether it is the right fit for the wikia. Only administrators will be given access, if at all.

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