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It's simple to add your Discord tag to your profile.

Step by step Edit

  1. Find your Discord tag at the bottom left of Discord. Copy your username and your discriminator (#1234). It should copy "Name#1234".
    Discord tag location in Discord

    Discord tag found on Discord.

  2. Go to your user page.
  3. Click or tap on 'Edit' when hovering over the box at the top right of your profile.

    Box at the top right of your profile.

  4. Scroll down and look for the Discord section - and place your Discord tag. (Do not add the @.) Your Discord tag is in the form DiscordUsername#1234, and can be found on step one.
    Discord field location on Fandom

    Scroll down this list and enter your Discord username.

  5. Click or tap on 'Save, I'm Done'. You can hover over the "Discord" icon in your masthead to check if your name is correct.
    Discord field location check on Fandom

    Discord name check.

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