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Popups is an extension that displays a preview of a page when hovering over a link to it. By default, this only works when hovering over mainspace pages, and the popup uses that page's lead section and its page image for the preview.


This feature can be enabled or disabled via the Appearance tab in User preferences. The relevant section is labelled "Reading preferences".


Because popups only appear on mouse hover, inspecting and styling them can be a little difficult.

The simplified class structure of a popup is as follows. Note that there are additional classes and elements that have been trimmed for this explanation.

<div class="mwe-popups"> <!-- this will have additional classes such as "flipped-y" depending on page position -->
  <div class="mwe-popups-container">
    <a class="mwe-popups-discreet">
         <image/> <!-- this is where the preview image will be, if available -->
    <a class="mwe-popups-extract">
      <!-- this is where the preview text will be -->
      <a class="mwe-popups-settings-icon mw-ui-icon">
        <!-- this is the settings gear -->

If your wiki is encountering an issue where the popup will extend over the link, causing the popup to disappear and looping this behavior, try this fix:

.mwe-popups.flipped-x-y {
  margin-top: -30px;

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