This extension is enabled by default on FANDOM.

In addition to the standard poll extension, polls may be added to a wiki with the Polldaddy service.

Step by step

  • To create a poll, you must sign up for a free or premium account on their website, or sign into an existing Polldaddy account there.
  • Follow the prompts on the website to create your poll. Do not create a survey as only one question polls are supported by the extension at this time.
  • Add the following to your wiki, replacing 12345 with your poll's ID (found in its URL):
    <polldaddy id="12345"/>
  • If the poll ID is invalid, nothing will render. The following is an example of a valid poll with the id "9894098". The code for this survey will be:
    <polldaddy id="9894098"/>
Using this valid poll, the following will render:


The poll may be customized on the Polldaddy website allowing you to change the poll's appearance and size, and the behavior of vote submission.

Further help and feedback