This help page references the classic editor. Note that the VisualEditor may behave differently.

Adding photos is a simple and great way to improve any article, and provide further detail and color.


  • To start, you must log in to your account, and then click the Edit button on the page you would like to add a photo to.
  • Once in edit mode, click on the photo upload button Photo button on the right rail of the editor toolbar.
Edit toolbar image upload2

  • A pop-up will appear, which will allow you to upload a photo from your computer. You can also search for photos already added to the community by others .

  • Once you choose a photo to add, click upload.
  • Next you will be able to adjust the size and placement of the photo. You can also provide a caption, which will display below the photo.
  • If you would like to provide more details about the photo, including giving it a new name and providing license information, click on the more options link.
Photo description

  • After you have picked your options, click the Add photo button, and your photo will be added to the edit area.
  • Photos can be modified at any time in edit mode. Simply hover over the image and choose "modify", and the same pop-up window will appear.
  • Once you are done, click publish and your photo will be live on the page.

Directly viewing Photos

There are 2 ways to view a photo more directly:

  • By the lightbox.
  • By the file page.


Main Article: Help:Image Lightbox

The lightbox is a dialog that indicates a file in a closer look. There are many options for it, such as sharing it, viewing its filepage, seeing its full size, and more. The top bar contains details of who uploaded a file and in which article it is used in. There is a button at the bottom right corner which is the "bar pinning" button. Once clicked, it will make the photo no longer covered behind both bars. More images can be viewed by clicking one of the images at the bottom of the lightbox.


Viewing a photo from the lightbox

File Page

A file page is a page that has more information about the file, including a description, which can be added by clicking the "Add a description" link, which articles it appears in, its file history and sometimes, its metadata. The file can also be downloaded by clicking the "(download)" link. For more info, see Help:Image description page.


Viewing a photo from their file page

Bypassing the lightbox

To bypass the lightbox, simple hold "Ctrl" (for Windows users) or "Command" (for Mac users), then click on the photo. It will open a new tab, but in the new tab, there will be the file page. Alternatively, a script from the Fandom Open Source Library called the "NoImageLightbox" disables access to the lightbox and will instead, lead you into the filepage. However, to add this script, you must have your JS enabled.

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