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Through personal CSS and JavaScript, you can change the way Fandom looks and behaves. Things like fonts, colors, and positions of page elements can be altered. However, it will only affect the way that you see Fandom when you're logged into your account, and you have to make alterations to a few, specific user pages, as well as one account preference.


To customize how the site looks for you using CSS, create and edit Special:MyPage/global.css on Community Central. This will apply the changes wherever you go on Fandom.

If you want to apply personal CSS on just one community, visit Special:MyPage/common.css on that community.


You must manually enable personal JS in your preferences before you'll be able to see the effects of changing your personal JS. Please understand the implications of turning the feature on by reading all the notes below. The option can be found on the Appearance tab, under Skin.

The personal JS preference

To customize how the site looks for you using JS, create and edit Special:MyPage/global.js on Community Central. This will apply the changes wherever you go on Fandom.

If you want to apply personal JS on just one community, visit User:<YourUsername>/common.js on that community. (For example,

  • Before enabling personal JS on your account for the first time, please double-check any existing personal JS you have and make sure you are happy with it.
  • JS errors can break basic functionality - be careful! (But there may be an easy way out!)
  • Please avoid including JS that you do not understand and don't import from sources that you do not fully trust or that are not secure.
  • Fandom cannot be held responsible for any issues that occur as a result from the use of personal JS. It is your responsibility to maintain your personal JS (and CSS).
  • Note that "personal JS" pages are currently considered to be: /global.js on Community Central only; and /common.js, /fandomdesktop.js on all wikis.

Additional notes[]

  • As noted on the Customization policy, personal CSS and JS is an area in which you can make any tweaks you like (so long as they do not adversely affect any other users).
  • Only account owners can edit their own CSS and JS pages - other users on a community, including admins, cannot edit another user's personal CSS and JS pages.
  • You can also target specific communities in your global CSS and JS:
    • CSS: a wiki-specific class is available on the <body> tag, based on the database name of a community. The format is: .wiki-[database name].
    • JS: the wgDBName (database name) variable can be used to target a community.


If you come across an issue with your JavaScript or CSS, you can add ?safemode=1 to the end of your current URL. This disables all site and personal CSS and JS.

(The same can be done with community CSS and JS for individual wikis, using ?usesitecss=0 or ?usesitejs=0.)

More information about temporarily disabling your CSS and JS can be found here.

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