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Page status indicators (also known as top icons or heading icons) are icons located outside of the normal page content which serve as a visual device to display information about the page's place within the wiki.

Their use is rather open-ended, allowing wikis to do things like indicating a page's place in the canon of the series, indicating relation to a game expansion, indicating if a page is considered a stub, indicating what type of content is covered, etc.


This is the wikitext formatting for adding page status indicators. Change the name (foo) and file path ([[File:Foo.svg|20px]]) to suit your wiki's needs.

<indicator name="foo">


  • Any wikitext can be added at the top, not just images. But images are more common for this.
  • If you add an image caption, e.g [[File:Foo.svg|20px|Caption here]], the caption becomes visible on hover.
  • All indicators must have a unique name attribute. The order of appearance is determined alphabetically and case-sensitively.
  • These indicators do not show up in the mobile skin.


The indicators are placed between the top categories and the page title, with a left justification to be in line with both of these elements. Anchoring them left gives room for 9+ standard sized indicators and logically flows with the eye's progress through the page heading elements.


Adding this code to a page will create a page status indicator.

<indicator name="example">
[[File:Site-logo.png|20px|Shows on hover|link=#Example]] [[#Example|Example indicator]]

View the top left corner of the page to see the effect!


The CSS selectors for page status indicators are .mw-indicators for the entire row of indicators, .mw-indicator for the indicators themselves, and #mw-indicator-name for individual indicators, replacing "name" with their actual indicator name.

They may be customized via personal CSS or local CSS, in accordance with the Customization policy.

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