This page has been modified with additional information for the new Unified Community Platform but legacy platform information is still available below.
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Notifications alert you to new messages on Fandom or activity on a specific community. They help in keeping you informed of the latest events related to your community and your account. Notifications may appear in the upper right or lower right of your screen, depending on the feature.

Note: Keep in mind that currently, notifications are displayed differently and from different sources across different software variants (UCP vs legacy) and Fandom applications (Discussions and Announcements vs MediaWiki). Further, the layout differs between desktop, mobile, and the Fandom app.


UCP notifications

UCP notifications

On UCP wikis, only one notification dropdown is present (the 'bell' icon). These are sorted chronologically, and individual notifications can be dismissed by clicking on the icon at the left of each notification; all notifications can be dismissed at once with the "Mark all as read" option.

This notification dropdown contains notifications from the following:

  • Announcements from any community where you have been active in the past 90 days.
  • Discussions, triggered by:
    • Someone upvoting your posts or replies, on any community.
    • Someone replying to a post that you are following, on any community.
  • UCP-based Message Walls, triggered by:
    • Someone posting on your own Message Wall, on any community.
    • Someone replying to any Message Wall thread you have followed, on any community.

The UCP does not currently include legacy notifications such as those from the old Message Wall, the Forum feature, or 'other' notifications typically displayed in the bottom right corner, such as for talk page notifications or new Achievements.

Discussions and Announcements


An announcement notification

Within the Discussions and Announcements applications (located at /f and /announcements, respectively) on both UCP and legacy wikis, there is a single 'bell' notification dropdown identical to those on the UCP. The only difference is that this dropdown does not currently include notifications from the UCP's Message Wall feature, even when visiting Discussions on a UCP wiki.

This variant of the bell dropdown is also present in legacy wikis outside the aforementioned applications, with the same notifications. The Fandom app also presents the same notifications as this dropdown, albeit in a different layout.


Message wall notifications 1

Forum and Message Wall notifications

On legacy wikis, two notification dropdowns are present — the bell dropdown used by the Discussions and Announcements applications, with the same notifications, and a separate 'bubble' dropdown for legacy-specific features. In addition, 'other' notifications are present at the bottom right of the page.

Second dropdown

The 'bubble' notification dropdown is sorted according to the community the notifications came from, and contains notifications from the following:

  • Forum, triggered whenever someone replies to a thread you have followed, on any community.
  • Legacy-based Message Walls, triggered by:
    • Someone posting on your own Message Wall, on any community.
    • Someone replying to any Message Wall thread you have followed, on any community.

Other notifications


Various types of messages that may display in the lower right corner

You will automatically receive a notification in the lower right if any of the following actions take place:

This type of notification can be dismissed by clicking the "X" in the upper right corner of the notice.


Notification Where will it link to? Duration
New reply, upvote, announcement, or direct message Discussions post, Message Wall thread, Forum thread or talk page Remains until visited or dismissed
Updated community message Community Corner on Wiki Activity Can be dismissed or disappears 24 hours after the update to Community Corner
New achievement badge User profile page Can be dismissed or disappears after one page reload
Message from Fandom Staff Varies depending on the message Can be dismissed

Lower-right notification bubble colors are the same as button colors, and can be changed by admins in the Theme Designer.

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