Fandom offers an optimized mobile site for viewing communities while on your smartphone or other mobile device. Around half of the visitors to Fandom communities are using a mobile device!

Supported Devices

We've optimized our mobile site for the following devices and operating systems:

  • Android
  • iOS (iPhone, iPod)

Short video intro: Fandom and portable content

File:Wikia University - Content Portability

What makes content portable?

File:Wikia University - Intro to Mobile

How does Fandom content look on mobile?


  • Can I edit content?
    • Yes. The mobile site interface supports wikitext editing of individual sections.
  • How much of Fandom is available on the mobile site?
    • All Fandom wiki communities are available via the mobile site.
  • Is there any content that I cannot see using the mobile site?
    • Most pages with layouts of standard text and photos render very nicely on the mobile site. Certain pages, however, are too complex for mobile-friendly presentation, and will appear less gracefully (e.g., multiple column layouts). Infoboxes can be optimized for mobile display by using the newer portable infobox markup.
  • What is the best way to view photos?
    • When you're on an article page with lots of great photos, simply wait for the page to finish loading, then click on any photo. This will open a photo viewing window, which allows you to click or swipe through every photo on the page.
  • Can I switch between mobile and standard views of
    • Yes. At the bottom of mobile pages is a link labeled 'full site'. Tap it to reload the same page that is served to desktop web visitors. To get back to the mobile view, tap the 'mobile site' button at the bottom of the standard page.

Mobile Apps from Fandom

Here are the various Fandom stand alone apps, what they are about, and how to get them!

Community Apps

Help page: Help:Community Apps

Community Apps are free apps available for Android and iPhone. They provide quick mobile access to your community's content that is curated by you! Community Apps allow your community to have an optimal display and format for mobile devices, so your content is easy to read, navigate and explore.

Find them on: AndroidiOS

Game Guides

Help page: Help:Game Guides

Game Guides is a free app available for Android and iPhone. It provides quick mobile access to your community's content that is curated by you! Game Guides will show the content of all communities in the gaming hub that have curated content on their full site. Please note: Fandom is no longer actively developing Game Guides, so the app will see no further feature additions.

Get it on: AndroidiOS


Help page: Help:Lyrically Lyrics App

Lyrically is a free smartphone app available for iOS and Android. It provides quick access to every song in LyricWiki's community-powered database of over 1.8 million songs. You can search for lyrics and automatically find the lyrics for the song currently playing in your device's music player.

Get it on: AndroidiOS


Help page: Help:Palantir

Palantir is powered by the official Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Wiki, and will provide gamers with continuously updated information and accurate guides and walkthroughs. The app will also track your in-game statistics, your location on the maps, your completed quests and many more facets tailored to your game save.

Get it on: iOS (iPad only)

Further Help and Feedback

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