The Main Page on any community is the page that can be accessed by clicking the community's logo. The Main Page is like a welcome mat - it is the primary landing page for your readers. Keep in mind that first impressions count!

Step by step

Example Wiki - mainpage

The default main page after wiki creation

  • If you've just created a new community, your main page is populated with a set of default content, including the description, a live feed of the latest activity on your community, and a placeholder for a photo.
  • You can change any part of this page by editing it. Simply click "Edit" at the top of the page.
  • We recommend that your main page includes a short intro paragraph that tells your readers what your community is about and what people can expect to find there.
  • We also recommend that you include links to the most important articles on your main page. This will help readers find their way to great content quickly.
  • Many communities find that adding a slider to the Main Page is an attractive way to help users find great content. You can learn more about sliders at Help:Galleries, Slideshows, and Sliders.
  • Be sure to give your main page a clean design. It doesn't need to be fancy — it just needs to look good! The main page column tags that are already set up are the best way to organize the page's layout.

Advanced notes

  • The system message 'MediaWiki:Mainpage' defines the location of the main page - that is, where users end up when clicking the wordmark or visiting your community via the basic URL ('').
  • If you rename your main page via the normal page rename tool, MediaWiki:Mainpage is automatically updated to point to the new location.

How to build a main page: video tutorial

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