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Special:ListUsers is a special page that allows you to view all people who have edited a specific wiki. The page gives details such as number of edits, last edited date/time, and user groups - with several options to filter the list.


Inclusion criteria[]


You can use this dropdown menu to change the number of edits it takes to show up on ListUsers

  • To be seen on the default list of active users, a user must have 5+ edits.
  • You can change the criteria for number of edits by clicking the dropdown menu labeled "Contributed".
  • The checkboxes at the top of the page can be checked to see only users from a certain group (for more information on what these groups signify, please see Help:User rights).

Other notes[]

  • Several shortcuts can be used to view only certain groups:
  • ListUsers can be added to your personal toolbar, where it is referred to as the User list tool.
  • The Find by a user name option allows you to narrow the list to specific names, with username suggestions shown as you type.
  • The list can be sorted by the information found in the columns if you click the column headings. The first click sorts the list in ascending order; a second click switches it to descending order. This allows you to quickly sort, for instance, the users with most edits or those who have edited most recently.

Further help and feedback[]