Many of the videos you embed on your community become unavailable when they are removed or taken down for copyright violations. This is a special page to help you find and replace these videos with legally licensed, high definition videos from Wikia Video.

Video overview


Licensed Video Swap (LVS) is an easy way for you to see if we have a licensed copy of the same or similar videos on your topic and quickly swap them out. This tool is for admins only and can be found via the Admin Dashboard or by visiting Special:LicensedVideoSwap

  • From this page you can watch the original videos, the proposed match, as well as other possible matches. Make sure to watch the videos, because thumbnails may differ even if the content is the same.
  • If the match is good, simply click swap.
  • This will create a redirect from the other file page to this new video (if the video title is different) or replace the original video file with the licensed one (if the video title is the same). It will also update the video everywhere it is located on your community.
LVS main page

  • If the match doesn’t work, just hit keep, and the suggestion will be removed from the Licensed Video Swap page. Your original video will be unaffected.
  • The History page gives you a running list of videos you’ve swapped or kept so that if you want to reverse a previous decision, you can do that from here.
File:LVS history page.png

  • LVS will update with new matching suggestions as new content from Wikia Video arrives, so be sure to check back.

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