There are many keyboard shortcuts that can make your editing experience easier. These shortcuts use a combination of a letter and the access key used in your browser - usually Ctrl, Alt or Alt+Shift.

General shortcuts

Access key + Associated action
C Content page associated with the current page
D Delete/undelete
E Edit page
F Puts cursor in search box
G Wiki Activity
H History
L Watchlist
M Move page
N User talk page
R Recent changes
S Secondary editor
T Talk page or article comments
W Follow/unfollow
X Random page
Z Main page
. Profile page
= Protect/unprotect

Editor shortcuts

Access key + Associated action
S Save page
[ Open source dialog

Note: a full list of VisualEditor keyboard shortcuts can be found under the settings menu.

Classic editor
Access key + Associated action
E Show preview
I Toggles minor edit checkbox
S Save page
V Show changes
, Cursor in the edit box

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