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Quick keyboard shortcuts on Fandom

Keyboard shortcuts allow you to navigate around your community and perform commands by using simple keyboard shortcuts. These shortcuts do not require complex combinations - many are as simple as a single keypress.

Fandom shortcuts[]

By typing '?' or clicking the 'Shortcuts' option in the user toolbar, a dialog will pop up listing various available shortcuts (screenshot above). For example, it tells you that '/' (a forward slash) will move your cursor to the search box. These shortcuts do not require use of access keys.

Actions explorer[]


An actions explorer, accessed by pressing '.' (a period/full stop), enables access to even more pages. You can use this to discover more shortcuts or as a method of quick access by simply clicking the search result.

For example, typing Exp will narrow the list to Actions explorer, Expand templates, and Export pages, and provides a clickable result that will take you straight to Insights.


Fandom shortcuts are only active for logged-in users. They are also not active when your cursor is in an edit area, so they won't interfere with article editing. Most of them can be fully disabled by choosing "MediaWiki shortcuts" on Preferences.

Classic shortcuts[]

Alternatively, you can use the following 'classic' shortcuts. These shortcuts use a combination of a letter and the access key used in your browser - usually Ctrl, Alt or Alt+Shift.

General shortcuts[]

Shortcut Associated action/destination
C Content page associated with the current page
D Delete/undelete
E Edit page
M Move page
N User talk page
W Watch/Unwatch
Z Main page

Editor shortcuts[]

Access key + Associated action/destination
S Save page
[ Open source dialog

Note: a full list of VisualEditor keyboard shortcuts can be found under the settings menu.

Source editor
Shortcut Associated action
P Show preview
I Toggles minor edit checkbox
S Save page
V Show changes

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