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Fandom offers an optimized mobile site for viewing communities while on your smartphone or other mobile device. Around half of the visitors to Fandom communities are using a mobile device!

Supported devices

We've optimized our mobile site for the following devices and operating systems:

  • Android
  • iOS (iPhone, iPod)


  • Can I edit content?
    • The mobile site interface on legacy wikis doesn't feature an edit button. You can switch to the desktop view via a link at the bottom of a page, however, and edit as you would on desktop. On wikis on the Unified Community Platform mobile editing is possible.
  • How much of Fandom is available on the mobile site?
    • All Fandom wiki communities are available via the mobile site.
  • Is there any content that I cannot see using the mobile site?
    • Most pages with layouts of standard text and photos render very nicely on the mobile site. Certain pages, however, are too complex for mobile-friendly presentation, and will appear less gracefully (e.g. multiple column layouts). Infoboxes can be optimized for mobile display by using the newer portable infobox markup.
  • What is the best way to view photos?
    • When you're on an article page with lots of great photos, simply wait for the page to finish loading, then click on any photo. This will open a photo viewing window, which allows you to click or swipe through every photo on the page.
  • Can I switch between mobile and standard views of
    • Yes. At the bottom of mobile pages is a link labeled 'VIEW FULL SITE'. Tap it to reload the same page that is served to desktop web visitors. If you want to switch back to the mobile skin, go to the bottom of the page, then click on the link 'VIEW MOBILE SITE'. You can also switch to the desktop view by adding ?useskin=oasis to the URL, or you can switch to the mobile view by adding ?useskin=mercury.

Mobile Apps from Fandom

Here are the various Fandom standalone apps, what they are about, and how to get them!

Fandom app

Help page: Help:Fandom app

The Fandom app is available for free for Android smartphones and iPhone. It delivers news, stories, opinions, reviews, conversations, videos and more on your favorite entertainment topics, as well as wiki articles and Discussions from hundreds of communities in different languages.

Get it on: AndroidiOS

Community apps

Help page: Help:Community Apps

Community Apps are free apps available for Android users everywhere and iPhone users outside of the EU. They are no longer officially supported by Fandom. We recommend using the Fandom app instead as it offers a greater range of features, all the same content and more.

Find community apps on: AndroidiOS

Further help and feedback

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