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An interwiki link is a link to another wiki, most often found within the body of a wiki page. It can be to another Fandom wiki, or to any of the wiki sites listed on the interwiki map. It's an easy, wikitext way to link to a page on another wiki without having to type out a whole URL.

To type an interwiki link, you must be using source editor. Be aware that the link won't work in the preview section, but works fine once saved (bug discussion).

A list of the current interwiki prefixes for your wiki may be viewed via the interwiki map, or by using the Query API, e.g.

Linking to another Fandom wiki[]

To create an interwiki link to a different Fandom wiki, use the syntax [[w:c:wikiname]] for the target wiki's homepage, or [[w:c:wikiname:Pagename]] for a specific page.

  • Note that a Fandom wiki name should be written exactly like it is in the target wiki's URL:
  • If you would like to modify the displayed text of a link, simply add | directly after the page name, followed by your desired display text.
    • Example: [[w:c:eastenders:The Queen Victoria|displayed text]] would result in displayed text.
  • You might want to actually click on newly-made interwiki links to ensure you didn't make any typos. Unlike local Fandom wiki links, interwiki links don't display in different colour text if the target page doesn't yet exist.
  • Non-English Fandom wikis often use language code prefixes (with the wiki's name in English), using the syntax [[w:c:langcode.wikiname]]. The language code can be found in the target wiki's URL: It's important to write the page name in the language of the target page.

Linking from a Gamepedia wiki[]

Before the above syntax may be used on any historically-Gamepedia wiki, a new entry must be added to the interwiki table, with the prefix w and the URL$1. You can do so using Special:Interwiki (from Extension:Interwiki, which is installed on every Gamepedia wiki), or by contacting your Wiki Representative or Fandom support and asking for it to be added.

Linking to an external wiki[]

External (i.e, non-Fandom) wikis that are listed in the interwiki map can be linked to with the syntax [[wikiprefix:Pagename]].

  • Pages from some external wikis can only be linked to by using one specific prefix.
  • In other cases, external wikis have multiple prefixes that can be used for interwiki links to their pages.
    • Example: Wikipedia pages can be linked to with the syntax [[wikipedia:Pagename]] or [[wp:Pagename]].
    • Example: Wikimedia can be linked to with the syntax [[m:Pagename]], [[meta:Pagename]], or [[metawikimedia:Pagename]].
  • Interwiki prefixes are generally not case-sensitive.
  • Non-English external wikis often use language code prefixes, using the syntax [[wikiprefix:langcode:Pagename]]. It's important to write the page name in the language of the target page. However, in some cases, a non-English wiki page will share the same page name as the English version.
    • Example: [[wikipedia:cy:Wales]] won't link to the Welsh Wikipedia "Wales" page, but [[wikipedia:cy:Cymru]] will, as "Cymru" is Welsh for "Wales."
    • Example: The word for "India" is the same in both English and Spanish, so the only difference between the interwiki links for the two Wikipedia "India" pages is the language prefix: [[wp:India]] for the English Wikipedia page, and [[wp:es:India]] for the Spanish Wikipedia page.

Linking to a Fandom wiki from an external wiki[]

Some non-Fandom wikis allow you to link back to a Fandom wiki using one of the following syntaxes:

  • [[w:c:wikiname:Pagename]]
  • [[centralwikia:w:c:wikiname:Pagename]] (on Wikipedia and other Wikimedia Foundation projects)
  • [[wikia:wikiname:Pagename]]
  • [[wikia:c:wikiname:Pagename]]
  • [[wikiasite:wikiname:Pagename]]

For example, typing [[w:c:muppet:Kermit]] on a non-Fandom wiki would link to the Muppet Wiki "Kermit" page (if interwiki linking is set up on the target external wiki, that is).

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