An interwiki link is a link to another community. This link is often to another FANDOM community, although it may also be to any of the sites listed on the interwiki map. Interwiki links are shortcuts that help you to avoid typing the full URL. Even more helpfully, they can simplify the maintenance of links if a community later changes its URL.

Linking to another FANDOM community

  • To create an interwiki link from your FANDOM community to another, use the format [[w:c:wiki-name:pagename]]. For instance, if you wanted to link to The Queen Victoria page on the Eastenders Wiki, you would use [[w:c:eastenders:The Queen Victoria]].
  • If you would like to modify the displayed text, do as you would with any link. Add a '|' after the link, followed by your desired text. For example, [[w:c:eastenders:The Queen Victoria|test]] would appear as test.
  • You might want to actually click on newly-made interwiki links to make sure your spelling's right. Unlike normal links, interwiki links don't check to see whether the target page exists. That means w:c:batman:The Joker looks the same as the uncreated w:c:batman:Superman needs to stay in Metropolis.
  • Non-English communities often use language code prefixes. You'll typically link to a page on a German community by putting de. before the domain name: [[ Name]]. It's important to use the name of the page in the target language. Something like w:c:ru.disney:Donald Duck probably won't work, but w:c:ru.disney:Дональд Дак will.

Linking to an external wiki community

Linking to a FANDOM community from an off-FANDOM community

If you're on a non-FANDOM wiki, you can usually link back here using one of the following three syntaxes:




For example, typing [[wikia:muppet:Kermit]] on a community outside FANDOM would link to the Kermit page at the Muppet Wiki.

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