An interwiki link is a link to another community. This link is often to another Fandom community, although it may also be to any of the sites listed on the {{#NewWindowLink:homepage:w:MediaWiki:Interwiki map|interwiki map}}. Interwiki links are shortcuts that mean you don't have to use the full URL, and they can help simplify the maintenance of links if a community later changes its URL.

Linking to another Fandom community

  • To create an interwiki link from your Fandom community to another, use the format [[w:c:wiki-name:pagename]]. So for example if you wanted to link to the Jedi page on Wookieepedia, you would use [[w:c:starwars:Jedi]].
  • If you would like to modify the displayed text, follow the same format as with all links, and add a '|' after the link along with the text you want. So, for example, [[w:c:starwars:Jedi|test]], would appear as test.
  • Note that non-English communities often have a language code prefix. A German community will often have a URL like, while Spanish communities come under When you link to one of these communities, simply include the language code prefix. Example: [[]] (note the dot between "fr" and the wiki name).

Linking to another language version of your community (interlanguage links)

  • To link to a version of your community in different language, use [[languagecode:pagename]], e.g.[[fr:fromage]] will link to the "fromage" article on the French-language version of that community.
  • If you leave off the pagename, it will use the pagename of the article that the interwiki link is placed on.
  • Generally such links are placed alphabetically by language code at the end of an article.
  • Note: because different languages can use different names (such as the English and the French, interlanguage linking must be manually activated by the Fandom community team. If your topic has a community in a different language at Fandom, and you would like to activate interlanguage linking, please leave a request on the {{#NewWindowLink:homepage:w:project:Interlanguage_link_requests|Interlanguage link requests}} page on Community Central.
  • See Help:Interlanguage links for more information about this kind of link.

Linking to an external wiki community

  • Sites listed in the {{#NewWindowLink:homepage:w:MediaWiki:Interwiki map|interwiki map}} can be linked via [[prefix:pagename]]. For example, [[Wikipedia:Jedi]] will be converted to link to the English Wikipedia's "Jedi" article: Wikipedia:Jedi. These interwiki links look like local links.
  • [[Wikipedia:es:India]] or [[wp:es:India]] will be converted to link to the Spanish Wikipedia's "India" article: Wikipedia:es:India
  • Note that the name used in the interwiki link is not always exactly the same as the domain or sub-domain, e.g. MetaWikipedia: vs. Fandom's interwiki map also supports MetaWikiMedia: and m: for this community.
  • Many off-Fandom MediaWiki help pages are kept on, which can be linked to with mw:. Don't confuse this with the MediaWiki: namespace for system messages.

Linking to a Fandom community from an off-Fandom community

  • You can generally link to any Fandom community using the syntax:
[[Wikia:c:wiki-name:pagename]] or [[Wikiasite:wiki-name:pagename]]

See also

  • Shared help and shared templates are special cases of interwiki links
  • To request a specific interwiki link for your community, please visit {{#NewWindowLink:homepage:w:Community Central:Interlanguage link requests|this page}}.
  • {{#NewWindowLink:MetaWikipedia:Help:Interwiki linking}}

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