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Image Lightbox

The image lightbox that appears when clicking on an image

The image lightbox is a box that appears when you click on an image, allowing you to see the image in greater detail.


User details[]

The top bar contains details of who uploaded a file and which articles it is used in.

Full size[]

The "see full size image" option opens the image directly in your browser, displaying the basic image without any Fandom options or features. Note: this option does not appear when viewing videos.

More info[]

The "more info" option takes you to the file description page, where you can view more information about the file, including its description, file history, and more.


Image Lightbox Share

The share menu

The "share" option makes it easy to share the image you are viewing. It provides the standard link box, where the link can be copied and shared into social media such as Facebook and Twitter. It also displays a link to the file description page, and a method of emailing the image to a friend.

Pinning the top and bottom bars[]

Image Lightbox Pin View

Viewing an image with the top and bottom bars being "pinned"

A padlock icon at the bottom right corner of the image lightbox allows you to 'pin' the top and bottom info bars. Once clicked, it will prevent the bars from hiding after a few seconds of inactivity.

Bottom carousel[]

Image Lightbox Carousel

The bottom carousel

The bottom carousel contains more images and videos, which can be viewed by clicking one of the images at the bottom of the image lightbox. You can also navigate through the carousel by clicking the arrows on either side of the main image.

Linking to a lightbox on a page[]

It's possible to link directly to a page's image, presenting it with the lightbox already open. To do this, find the desired image in the page, and click it to open the lightbox - this makes the URL change on your browser, appending ?file= and the image name to it. By using this link, the page opens, and the lightbox opens shortly after.

As an example, this would be the lightbox link for the first image included in this help page:

Bypassing the image lightbox[]

To bypass the image lightbox, hold "Ctrl" (if you're on Windows) or "Command" (if you're on Mac), then left click an article image. Doing so will open the image in full size in a new tab.


There are three hotkeys:

  • The arrow key leads to the next image
  • The arrow key leads to the previous image.
  • The Esc key closes the modal. (Please use the X)

Further help and feedback[]