Image Lightbox

The image lightbox that appears when clicking on an image

The Image Lightbox is a modal that appears when clicking on an image. It indicates a file in a closer look.


User details

The top bar contains details of who uploaded a file and in which article it is used in.

See full image size

Image Lightbox Full Image Size

A page where the user can directly view the photo without any other features

This option leads the user to another page, and it features the full size of the image without any options and features available just like in the image lightbox. This option does not appear when viewing videos from the image lightbox.

More Info

Main Article: Help:Image description page

This option leads the user to another page, where they can view more information about the file, including its description, file history and more.


Image Lightbox Share

The share menu

This option makes the user have the ability to share the image currently being viewed in the lightbox. It features the standard link box, where the link can be copied and shared into social media such as Facebook and Twitter. There is also a box that contains the link to its file page, and a box where the user can share the image to a friend.

Pinning Top and Bottom Bars

Image Lightbox Pin View

Viewing an image with the top and bottom bars being "pinned"

There is a button at the bottom right corner of the image lightbox which is the "bar pinning" button. Once clicked, it will make the photo no longer covered behind both bars, and both bars won't disappear after a short period of time not hovering the image lightbox.

Bottom Carousel

Image Lightbox Carousel

The bottom carousel

The bottom carousel contains more images and videos, which can be viewed by clicking one of the images at the bottom of the image lightbox.

Bypassing the image lightbox

To bypass the image lightbox, hold "Ctrl" (if you're on Windows) or "Command" (if you're on Mac), then left click on the image. This bypasses the lightbox and automatically leads to the image description page.


There are three hotkeys:

  • The arrow key leads to the next image.
  • The arrow key leads to the previous image.
  • The Esc key closes the modal.

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